Matthew 25: 31-46 (2)


The shoemaker and his guests
Reading: Matthew 25: 31-46
Actors/Puppets (For Puppet Show): Martin, street sweeper, woman carrying a baby
Props: bible, shoes, baby shoes, window

While these musicians prepare next songs and so on, I am going to tell you a story.
This is a children story.

(3) Once upon a time, there was a man called Mr. Martin.
He was a shoemaker.
He owned a little shop.

(3) One day he was reading the Bible.
The story was about how the wise men visited the baby Jesus, and offer their gifts.
Reading this, he was like:
“If I were there, I would have given him this gift!
(3) I would have given him this tiny little shoes!"

He was happy just to think about this.
Then he closed his little shop and went to bed.

(3) In his dream, he heard Jesus calling his name.
Jesus was like:
You have wished to see me.
So tomorrow I will pass by your window.
When you see me, please ask to come in.
Then I will come and stay with you.”

Then in the morning, he remembered this dream.
So he cleaned his little shop and prepared his table.
He prepared something to eat and drink.
(3) Then he started to wait looking at the window.


(4) Then he saw someone working outside, in that cold winter.
Martin was like:
“Oh, poor fellow, he must be half frozen.”

Then he opened the door and called out to him:
“Come in, my friend, and warm yourself.
Let me offer something to drink.”
(3) So, the man came and warmed himself up and ate some cookies and got back to work.


(3) After an hour, Martin saw a young woman poorly dressed and carrying a baby.
When the winds blew, she hid herself in the shelter of his doorway.
Then Martin was like:
“Oh, poor lady, she must be half frozen.”

Then he opened the door and said to her:
“Come in, my friend.
Warm yourself and have some cookies and a hot drink."

Mother was like:
“Oh, thank you.”

Looking at the baby Martin was like:
“Is the baby alright?
He doesn't look so well.”

She sighed and sadly explained:
“Yeah, I am going to the hospital.
But I don’t have any money.
I hope they will take care of him.”

Then Martin prepared something for her to eat and gave a cup of milk to the baby.

Then he noticed and said:
“How come your little one has no shoes?”

The mother was like:
“I have no shoes for him.”

(3) Martin was like:
“Then can I give this shoes?"
Then Martin took down the soft little shoes that he wanted to give Jesus yesterday.
When he slipped the shoes on him, they fit perfectly.

Then, as they leave, Martin says:
“Here is some money for the doctor.”

Mother was like:
“No, no, I can’t take that.”

Martin was like:
“Please for your baby’s sake.”

Mother was like:
“You are very kind.
Thank you.”
Then she left.


(3) Many people passed by his window.
He invited some people who needed his help.
So, his neighbors loved him and respected him.

But he expected that Jesus would be there.
Then he was like:
“ I thought Jesus would be here today.
Well, it was just a dream.”

Then being disappointed, he closed his shop and went to bed.

(3) Then in his dream, he saw a strange light.
(3) Then all the people he helped during the day appeared before him.
They were all smiling.
Then a gentle voice was saying:
(3) “You have seen me.
I did come and stayed with you.
I was cold, and you welcome me.
I was hungry, and you gave me food.
I was a stranger, and you take care of me.”

Then Mr. Martin was like:
“What do you mean?

(3) Then Jesus appeared and reminded him of this text in the Bible: Matthew 25:35-40
“I was hungry.
You gave me something to eat.
I was thirsty.
You gave me drink.
I was a stranger.
You took me in.”

“When you welcome these people in my name, you welcome me.
Whatever you did for these people, you did for me.”

Then Mr. Martin understood.
The end.

Let's pray: