John 7:14-24


Mr. Imagination learns to hear from God
(Find God in your imagination)
Reading: John 7:14-24
Additional reading: Deuteronomy 30:11-20, Romans 10:8

(3) There was a man called Mr. Imagination who was very imaginative.
Mr. Imagination really loved God.
So, he gave his life to God.

(3) And he was an owner of a company.
So, he needed to make many decisions for his company.
Then he wondered how he could made decision according to God’s will.
How can he find out God’s Will for his company?

(3) Then in the Bible, he read about those who knew God’s will very clearly.
So he also wanted to hear God’s will more clearly.
He did hear from God before time to time.
But he had many questions for God.
He asked many questions to God.
But sometimes, he felt that God answered him.
But sometimes, he was not sure.

(3) So, he went to Mr. Wisdom and asked him about it.
Mr. Wisdom said:
“You need to pray about that.
Try to imagine with God.
Then you will hear more clearly what God is saying to you.
As you imagine with God, God will give you God’s thoughts and opinions.
As you imagine, God will give you more vivid guide and instruction.
So, try to imagine with God.
Then notice what God is saying to you.
Then you may be able to hear God much better.”

(2) So, Mr. Imagination tried to imagine with God.
He was like:
“God, I invite you into my imagination.
Let’s imagine together.
Help me notice your ideas along the way.”

(3) Then he tried to imagine before he makes a decision.
For example, he had to make decisions about whether to buy another small company or not.
So, first, he talked to God about this opportunity to buy a company. (John 16:13)

Then in Jesus name, he started to imagine.
(3) He imagined about what would happen if he buy the company.
Then he visualized the possible outcomes in each step.

As he imagined, he noticed what he felt.
He noticed the change of his face expression, and bodily sensation.
He noticed whether he felt peaceful about this and whether he felt courage to carry on.

Then interestingly, he noticed that his body reacted according to his imagination.
His body felt as if it was real.
Then, he was able to predict the outcomes of his decisions.

(3) Then he imagined what would happen if he don’t buy the company.
He imagined taking this different path.
This time, he felt very differently.
As he continually imagined, he noticed a different feeling was formed in his heart.
He felt irritated and agitated.
He felt grumpy, and anxious.
He was upset.
He was sad.
He found himself making face, because he really didn’t want this.

(3) Then he thought about why he felt.
He examined why he felt what he felt.

(3) Then, he decided to buy the company.
As he was buying, he continually noticed how he felt and how it went.
As he made each move, he tried to notice God’s signs.
Then he noticed that when his choice was according to God’s will, he felt hope, peace, joy, love.
He felt excited.
He felt satisfied: (John 17: 13)
He felt that everything seemed going well.
He felt it was a right decision.

Over the years, he tried this over many different decision makings.
Then he learned about himself and about God’s leading.
When his choice was according to God’s will, he felt fulfillment and great joy.

Then after a while he also notice this:
When he made a decision according to God’s will, he was able to be patient, kind, generous, faithful, and gentle.
He was able to do self-control: (Galatians 5:22)
He felt God was with him.
He felt quietness and rest.
He felt peaceful.
He felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.
He was able to examine various ideas.
He was able to trust God and rest in God’s presence.

When he made a wrong decision, he felt disconnected from his true self, Jesus and his neighbors.
He got tired of imagining about that
He felt emotionally separated from God.
He was discouraged.
He felt burdensome.

Then he gave thanks to God for guiding him and showing him where he should go.
When he chose to do God’s will, like this, he was able to find out God’s will and obey.
The more he made decisions with God, the more he found himself becoming more compassionate, kind, humble, meek, patient, loving and harmonious: (Colossians 3:12-14)
The more he follows the will of God, the more he found himself feeling quietness and peacefulness from God.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, you can guide us in our imagination.
May we understand your will and follow you all through our life.
In Jesus name we pray.


Mark 1: 29-39 (2)


Pray alone
Reading: Mark 1: 29-39
Additional reading: John 1: 44
Blanks: helped, healed, prayed, preach

(2) Jesus started his ministry here at Capernaum.
He preached here, healed many people and cast out demons and so on.

(Bethsaida or Tabgha was where Jesus multiplied foods to feed thousands of people.
Mark seemed to say Peter had a house at Capernaum. (Mark 1: 29-39)
But John seemed to say that Peter was from Bethsaida. (John 1: 44)
Maybe all these areas were called Bethsaida.)

(2) Anyway one night, Jesus came to the house of Peter and Andrew.
And he healed their mother.

(3) When people knew where Jesus was, many people came to this house.
So, Jesus healed more people and cast out more demons and so on.

(3) Then in the morning, when his students were asleep, Jesus got up and went outside.
Then he prayed and thought about his ministry awhile.
Jesus prayed for people.
Jesus prayed for many people who wanted to experience God.
Jesus prayed for all those who were praying for the coming of the Messiah.
The Holy Spirit also informed Jesus many people who needed his help in their own towns.

So, Jesus decided to visit all those people and add value to their life.
Jesus decided to go and answer their prayers.

(3) But about this time, people of Capernaum have already gathered at the house of Peter.
They wanted to listen to Jesus and be healed.
So Peter, Andrew, James, John and Matthew tried to find Jesus.
They were calling his name.
Then eventually they found Jesus praying.

(3) Then Peter was like: (Mark 1:36-37)
“What are you doing here?
People are already looking for you.”

They didn’t know that they were disturbing his prayer time.
But Jesus didn’t say:
"Go back to your house and wait for me until I finish my prayer."

Jesus also didn't say:
"Sit here.
Let me teach you how to pray."

(2) Jesus was like:
“Yeah, this is our new home, Capernaum.
We will be back here many times.
But let’s first go to other villages and preach.
Let’s travel more and reach out more people.
Because that is why I am here.”

(3) Peter was ready to use his house for Jesus.
Many people came to his house already.
But Jesus had another plan.
Jesus realized that he needed to travel for God.
So they traveled with him.

(3) Following Jesus, they saw Jesus made various decisions praying alone.
Jesus prayed in order to know God’s will and do God’s will.
Jesus prayed because he realized many things through praying alone.
He realized God’s will for his life.

(3) Through prayer, Jesus had a good time with God..
God also energized him and gave him a peace of mind.
Sometimes, God excited him or made him smile.

(3) So they wondered about how to pray like him.
They tried to pray like him.
Sometimes, they listened to his prayer.
They practiced various prayer techniques and so on.

(3) But instead of teaching his students more about prayer, Jesus just continually prayed alone and meditated alone.

(3) Why is that?
Maybe because Jesus is God.
So his prayer life might be different from everybody else.

(3) Or maybe Jesus was thinking like this:
Since Jesus explained to them about who God is, now they understood God.
So they can pray and meet God in their prayer.
Then God will help them realize what to pray and how to pray.
God will guide them in their prayer.
They just need to pray in order to learn prayer.

(3) So Jesus was sure of this.
So, he just prayed alone.
He also asked his students that they should pray alone.

(3) Then when Jesus finished his ministry, he gave them the Holy Spirit so that they could pray even better.
The Holy Spirit helped them to spend time in prayer and meditate on God like Jesus.
The Holy Spirit helped them to make decisions according to God’s will.
The Holy Spirit helped them to pray alone like Jesus.
The Holy Spirit helped them to add value to the people in their lives, in Jesus’ name.

What do you think Jesus will ask today?
(3) Jesus may suggest that you also pray alone with God daily.
Then you may be able to meet God in your prayer.
You may be able to make decisions according to God’s will.

(3) The Holy Spirit will help you spend time with God alone.
The Holy Spirit will help you make decisions according to God’s will.
the Holy Spirit will help you feel the peace of God in your heart.
The Holy Spirit will energy you and even make you smile.

Then you will understand that God is listening and understanding your prayer.
So, let’s pray alone in the name of Jesus.
Then you can add value to the people in your life.
You can add God’s value to the people around you.

Let's pray:
Jesus, help us to pray and make decisions in your name.
Help us know your will; follow your will and live according to your will.
We pray this in Jesus name.


Mark 1:21-28 (1)


Live in the authority of Jesus
Reading: Mark 1:21-28
Additional reading: Matthew 28:18-20, John 1: 44
Blanks: sermon, authority, commanded

(3) Do you know where this is?
It is Capernaum.
(3) Jesus started his ministry right here.
And Jesus came here many times during his ministry.

(3) From here, Jesus went to various places in Galilee.
He performed many miracles around this town.
For example, the Mount of Beatitudes was nearby where Jesus preached the sermons of the mount.
Bethsaida was nearby where Jesus cured a man to see clearly.
Bethsaida literally means "house of fishing."
Bethsaida or Tabgha was where Jesus multiplied foods to feed thousands of people.

(3) Capernaum might have been the hometown of Peter and Andrew.
(John 1: 44 says that Peter was from Bethsaida. Maybe he had two homes. I don't know. Or when John wrote the Gospel, it was called Bethsaida. I don't know.)
James, John, and Matthew were living nearby.
So for Peter, Andrew, James, John and Matthew this could be a very familiar place for them.

(3) In this town there was a Jewish church.
This could be the home church of Peter and Andrew.
They might have come here to learn various stories of the Bible.
This could be a very familiar place for them.

Then one day Jesus and his disciples came to this Jewish church.
Jesus preached the good news there.
Then, everyone thought that he was a very different preacher.
(3) He explained God, as if he had a real relationship with God.
He talked about God as if he really knew God personally.
For example, Jesus explained the character of God:
He also knew what God does like, and what God does not like.

Also when he spoke, God’s power was felt.
Jesus spoke in the authority of God.
So when he talked about God, some of them felt the presence of God.
They were surprised.

(3) But in this church, there was a man who was possessed by an evil spirit.

(1) By the way what is the evil spirit?
The evil spirit are the spirits that are not willing to serve the will of God.

That evil spirit lived in this man’s body and tried to do what was not the will of God.

(3) But the more Jesus spoke the holy words of God, the more this evil spirit wanted to get out of there.
But because Jesus spoke in God’s power, the evil spirit could not move.
Then, this evil spirit cried out:
“What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth?
Have you come to destroy us?
I know who you are: the Holy One of God!”

(3) Then Jesus said:
“Be quiet!
Come out of him!”

When Jesus said this in God’s authority, the evil spirit could not resist.
So the evil spirit shook the man violently and came out with a piercing cry.
Then the man was freed from this evil spirit.

It showed Jesus had the power of God.
Jesus had this authority of God!

God created heaven and earth with his words.
Now Jesus cured a man with his words.
Jesus had God’s power and spoke in God’s power.

(3) But even though he had the authority of God, Jesus lived obeying God.
He used God’s power to obey God.
In fact, Jesus obeyed God all the way.
He always prayed:
"God, let your will be done.” (Matthew 26:39)

When Jesus understood God’s plan, he obeyed even when he was to be betrayed and killed.

(3) Because he had God’s power, he could have run away from the cross.
But no.
He wanted to obey God taking the cross.
He obeyed all the way.

Then after that, God handed over all the power and all the authority to Jesus.
(3) So now Jesus had all the authority of God.
Then using his authority, he protected us.
Then Jesus was like:
“You don’t need to be afraid of anyone, because you are under my authority.
I will protect you.
So go, teach and preach people.
Go and free people from evil spirits."”
Jesus asks us to go and share the story of Jesus.

(3) Jesus spoke these words and every words in God’s power.
So when we listen to him, we experience God’s power in our life.
When we obey Jesus, we experience God’s power.
As you obey and live under his authority, God’s power will stay with you.
God will work miracles in God’s way.
Jesus will work powerfully in your lives.
Then you can change the world.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for helping us to live under your authority and under your power.
Help us to know you and obey you.
Help us to obey your words that you spoke in God’s power.

You can truly help people.
You can use us to help people.
You can use us to heal many people.
So use us and help us to live under your authority so that we may heal your people and add value to people around us.
In Jesus name, we pray.


John 1:1-18


Is Jesus fully God?
Reading: John 1:1-18
Additional reading: Isaiah 53:4-6, Ephesians 1:3-14
Recitation: ppt
Blanks: the Word, life, light, believed, children, the Word, God

(3) It was now three hundred years after the resurrection of Jesus.
Now the Roman Government, the Roman Empire had a Christian emperor.
His name was Constantine.
When he was an emperor, he tried to protect Christians from persecutions.

(3) But then he also noticed that a small group of people in his empire was questioning this: Is Jesus fully God?
Some people were saying that Jesus was not fully God like the Father God.
They said Jesus was created.
They said that there was a time when Jesus was not God.
But many people believed that Jesus is fully God.

(3) So, the Emperor Constantine asked church leaders to come together and have some conversations about this and give a unified doctrine about who Jesus is.

The church leaders also had some other issues that they needed to talk about.
So, they got together and discussed about who Jesus is.

Then they made this statement to say what they believed:
(2) They said:
“Jesus is God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made (not created), of one Being with the Father, through whom all things were made.”

What are they saying?
They are saying that Jesus is God from God.
Meaning, Jesus is God.
Just like God the Father has no beginning and no end, Jesus the Son of God has no beginning and no end.
Jesus is not an angel or a creature.
Jesus is not created.
But Jesus is God who created everything.

(3) The Gospel of John also explained that Jesus is God.
Today we read:
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
He was with God in the beginning.
Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.
…… It is God the only Son….”

Here the Word means Jesus:
What does it say?
Jesus was God.
Jesus was not created.
Jesus existed before the creation of the world.
In fact he created everything.
He created you and me.
That is Jesus who is God the only Son.

(3) Thomas also realized that Jesus is God.
When Thomas met the resurrected Jesus for the first time, he said: John 20: 28
“My Lord and my God!”
And Jesus accepted his faith statement because it is true.

(3) So, the church has been saying Jesus is fully God and fully human.
Now then some people may ask:
Why did Jesus become a human?
Jesus became a man to show us how God would live if God were a human.
Jesus became a man to help us understand God’s character and God’s love.
Jesus became a man to help us understand how much God is gentle and humble. Jesus became a man to help us become God’s friends.
Jesus became a man to help us live like God.

(3) But then in order to make us like God, he had to make us holy, without sin, because God is like that.
That means, he had to free us from our sins and mistakes and bad habits.

(4) But there was the price that he had to pay to free us.

What was the price?
(3) He had to be punished for our sins.
He had to be punished to free us from our sin and mistakes. (Isaiah 53:4-6)
And that is why Jesus died on the cross.

(3) Then Jesus was able to free us from our sins.
Then Jesus was able to help us truly understand who God is, because now we can come to God through Jesus Christ.
Then in the name of Jesus, we experience God.
In the name of Jesus we become like God. (Ephesians 2:18)

(3) Jesus also gave the Holy Spirit so that the Holy Spirit could help us become like God.
The Holy Spirit helps us worship Jesus.
The Holy Spirit helps us get to know Jesus, because then we will truly understand God.
Then our life will show its results.

So, it is ok to worship Jesus.
It is ok to pray to Jesus.
It is ok to worship God in the name of Jesus.
It is ok to pray to God in the name of Jesus.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for becoming a man.
Thank you for explaining to us about what God is like.
Thank you for saving us and making us God’s friends.
Help us to live according to your words, God’s words so that we may become like you.
In Jesus name, we pray.


Mr. Sensitive learns to hear from God


Mr. Sensitive learns to hear from God
Reading: John 15:1-11
Additional readings: Matthew 15:32, Matthew 20:34, John 11:3-5
Blanks: fruit, remain, glory, love, joy

(1) There was a man who was called Mr. Sensitive who was very sensitive.
Mr. Sensitive really loved God.
So, he gave his life to God.
He felt peaceful when he truly gave himself to God.

(3) When God was with him, he felt so good.
When God used him to help people, he felt good.
Whenever God spoke to him about how to live, he felt:
“This is it! I found it.”
It was such joy to realize who he was in God.

(2) The more he love God, the more he wants to know God.
So, he asked a lot of questions to God every day.
But it seems that God spoke him very differently.
He wished to learn how he could hear God more clearly.

(3) So, he went to Mr. Knowledge and asked him about it.
Then Mr. Knowledge said:
“Well, God has various ways to communicate God’s thoughts and ideas.
God may help you feel how God feels.
God may share God’s feeling with you so that you may realize God’s will.
So, by noticing how you feel, you may discover God’s will for your life.
God lives in you.
Notice what God informs you about how God feels about things.”

(2) Then Mr. Sensitive thought about this:
“Is God letting me know how God feels about things?”

(3) Then he thought about his past experiences.
When he followed God’s will, he remembered that he felt peaceful.

(3) He also remember that at times, God made him feel strange when God didn’t want him to do something.
These feelings might have occurred because God was communicating with him in this way.

Then he wondered:
“So, because God is within me, I may feel what God feels.
So when I feel these feelings, was I in fact listening to God, because I am feeling what God has felt for me?”

(3) Then he asked himself again:
“What did I feel when I obey the will of Jesus?
When I made decisions according to God’s will, what did I feel?”

Then he wrote down his answers.
(3) He wrote:
“I felt peace and joy.
I felt excited.
I felt conviction.
So I had courage.
I felt God worked through me and things moved very smoothly.
I felt calmness, whether I am busy or not.
I came alive.
I felt “Not me, but God working through me.”

Then he was more convinced that these feelings came from God.
God was communicating with him in this way.

(3) When he realized this, for a while every day, he asked himself these questions:
“What makes me peaceful then?
What makes me smile?
What gives me joy?
When do I feel God working through me?
When do I feel that things moving smoothly?”

(3) Then for a while, Mr. Sensitive studied about his answers that he wrote down.
Then he realized these things:
"I feel joy when I play with children.
I feel good when I helped the poor.
I feel peaceful when I was doing this or that.
When I try to do this or that, things move smoothly.
I felt God was working through me when I was doing such and such.”

(3) When he found out about these lists, he realized:
“Aha, God has been encouraging me to do these things.
God was encouraged me to work on these areas of study."

In this way, he found God who was present and active in life.
He realized how God may speak to him.
When he found out how God may communicate with him, it was easier to find out God’s will.

(3) Then he was able to continually discover God’s will and God’s plan for his life.
Then he was able to obey God better.
Then the more he lives like this according to God’s will, the more he feels peaceful and joy.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for living within us.
Thank you for helping us to feel joy and peace that comes from you.
Help us to notice and follow you better and understand you better.
Thank you for helping us find what you want for us.
Thank you for helping us to serve others in the way you want.
In Jesus name we pray.