Mr. Sensitive learns to hear from God


Mr. Sensitive learns to hear from God
Reading: John 15:1-11
Additional readings: Matthew 15:32, Matthew 20:34, John 11:3-5
Blanks: fruit, remain, glory, love, joy

(1) There was a man who was called Mr. Sensitive who was very sensitive.
Mr. Sensitive really loved God.
So, he gave his life to God.
He felt peaceful when he truly gave himself to God.

(3) When God was with him, he felt so good.
When God used him to help people, he felt good.
Whenever God spoke to him about how to live, he felt:
“This is it! I found it.”
It was such joy to realize who he was in God.

(2) The more he love God, the more he wants to know God.
So, he asked a lot of questions to God every day.
But it seems that God spoke him very differently.
He wished to learn how he could hear God more clearly.

(3) So, he went to Mr. Knowledge and asked him about it.
Then Mr. Knowledge said:
“Well, God has various ways to communicate God’s thoughts and ideas.
God may help you feel how God feels.
God may share God’s feeling with you so that you may realize God’s will.
So, by noticing how you feel, you may discover God’s will for your life.
God lives in you.
Notice what God informs you about how God feels about things.”

(2) Then Mr. Sensitive thought about this:
“Is God letting me know how God feels about things?”

(3) Then he thought about his past experiences.
When he followed God’s will, he remembered that he felt peaceful.

(3) He also remember that at times, God made him feel strange when God didn’t want him to do something.
These feelings might have occurred because God was communicating with him in this way.

Then he wondered:
“So, because God is within me, I may feel what God feels.
So when I feel these feelings, was I in fact listening to God, because I am feeling what God has felt for me?”

(3) Then he asked himself again:
“What did I feel when I obey the will of Jesus?
When I made decisions according to God’s will, what did I feel?”

Then he wrote down his answers.
(3) He wrote:
“I felt peace and joy.
I felt excited.
I felt conviction.
So I had courage.
I felt God worked through me and things moved very smoothly.
I felt calmness, whether I am busy or not.
I came alive.
I felt “Not me, but God working through me.”

Then he was more convinced that these feelings came from God.
God was communicating with him in this way.

(3) When he realized this, for a while every day, he asked himself these questions:
“What makes me peaceful then?
What makes me smile?
What gives me joy?
When do I feel God working through me?
When do I feel that things moving smoothly?”

(3) Then for a while, Mr. Sensitive studied about his answers that he wrote down.
Then he realized these things:
"I feel joy when I play with children.
I feel good when I helped the poor.
I feel peaceful when I was doing this or that.
When I try to do this or that, things move smoothly.
I felt God was working through me when I was doing such and such.”

(3) When he found out about these lists, he realized:
“Aha, God has been encouraging me to do these things.
God was encouraged me to work on these areas of study."

In this way, he found God who was present and active in life.
He realized how God may speak to him.
When he found out how God may communicate with him, it was easier to find out God’s will.

(3) Then he was able to continually discover God’s will and God’s plan for his life.
Then he was able to obey God better.
Then the more he lives like this according to God’s will, the more he feels peaceful and joy.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for living within us.
Thank you for helping us to feel joy and peace that comes from you.
Help us to notice and follow you better and understand you better.
Thank you for helping us find what you want for us.
Thank you for helping us to serve others in the way you want.
In Jesus name we pray.