John 7:14-24


Mr. Imagination learns to hear from God
(Find God in your imagination)
Reading: John 7:14-24
Additional reading: Deuteronomy 30:11-20, Romans 10:8

(3) There was a man called Mr. Imagination who was very imaginative.
Mr. Imagination really loved God.
So, he gave his life to God.

(3) And he was an owner of a company.
So, he needed to make many decisions for his company.
Then he wondered how he could made decision according to God’s will.
How can he find out God’s Will for his company?

(3) Then in the Bible, he read about those who knew God’s will very clearly.
So he also wanted to hear God’s will more clearly.
He did hear from God before time to time.
But he had many questions for God.
He asked many questions to God.
But sometimes, he felt that God answered him.
But sometimes, he was not sure.

(3) So, he went to Mr. Wisdom and asked him about it.
Mr. Wisdom said:
“You need to pray about that.
Try to imagine with God.
Then you will hear more clearly what God is saying to you.
As you imagine with God, God will give you God’s thoughts and opinions.
As you imagine, God will give you more vivid guide and instruction.
So, try to imagine with God.
Then notice what God is saying to you.
Then you may be able to hear God much better.”

(2) So, Mr. Imagination tried to imagine with God.
He was like:
“God, I invite you into my imagination.
Let’s imagine together.
Help me notice your ideas along the way.”

(3) Then he tried to imagine before he makes a decision.
For example, he had to make decisions about whether to buy another small company or not.
So, first, he talked to God about this opportunity to buy a company. (John 16:13)

Then in Jesus name, he started to imagine.
(3) He imagined about what would happen if he buy the company.
Then he visualized the possible outcomes in each step.

As he imagined, he noticed what he felt.
He noticed the change of his face expression, and bodily sensation.
He noticed whether he felt peaceful about this and whether he felt courage to carry on.

Then interestingly, he noticed that his body reacted according to his imagination.
His body felt as if it was real.
Then, he was able to predict the outcomes of his decisions.

(3) Then he imagined what would happen if he don’t buy the company.
He imagined taking this different path.
This time, he felt very differently.
As he continually imagined, he noticed a different feeling was formed in his heart.
He felt irritated and agitated.
He felt grumpy, and anxious.
He was upset.
He was sad.
He found himself making face, because he really didn’t want this.

(3) Then he thought about why he felt.
He examined why he felt what he felt.

(3) Then, he decided to buy the company.
As he was buying, he continually noticed how he felt and how it went.
As he made each move, he tried to notice God’s signs.
Then he noticed that when his choice was according to God’s will, he felt hope, peace, joy, love.
He felt excited.
He felt satisfied: (John 17: 13)
He felt that everything seemed going well.
He felt it was a right decision.

Over the years, he tried this over many different decision makings.
Then he learned about himself and about God’s leading.
When his choice was according to God’s will, he felt fulfillment and great joy.

Then after a while he also notice this:
When he made a decision according to God’s will, he was able to be patient, kind, generous, faithful, and gentle.
He was able to do self-control: (Galatians 5:22)
He felt God was with him.
He felt quietness and rest.
He felt peaceful.
He felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.
He was able to examine various ideas.
He was able to trust God and rest in God’s presence.

When he made a wrong decision, he felt disconnected from his true self, Jesus and his neighbors.
He got tired of imagining about that
He felt emotionally separated from God.
He was discouraged.
He felt burdensome.

Then he gave thanks to God for guiding him and showing him where he should go.
When he chose to do God’s will, like this, he was able to find out God’s will and obey.
The more he made decisions with God, the more he found himself becoming more compassionate, kind, humble, meek, patient, loving and harmonious: (Colossians 3:12-14)
The more he follows the will of God, the more he found himself feeling quietness and peacefulness from God.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, you can guide us in our imagination.
May we understand your will and follow you all through our life.
In Jesus name we pray.