Mark 11:1-11


Jesus lives in peace and for peace
Reading: Mark 11:1-11
Additional readings: Colossians 3:15, Philippians 4:7
Blanks: Go, find, asked, Jesus, Blessed, temple

Today the United States of America is a powerful nation on earth, right?
But in the time of Jesus, the Roman Empire was a powerful nation on earth.
They were prosperous.
Their military power was powerful enough to rule many nations.
Then this Roman Empire called their Emperor their savior and god.
They also asked these nations to follow their way of life.
They were like:
“We are doing you a favor.
We are creating peace on earth.
It is called the peace of Rome.”

To maintain that peace, they killed and crucified those who rebelled against their rule.
Even they crucified Jesus.

But then his students of Jesus continually believed in Jesus and followed his way of life.
They continually preached the story of Jesus spreading all over the places.
They said that Jesus is their King, their Savior and their God.
Then they continually worship Jesus.
They proclaimed the peace of Jesus the Christ.

But these Christians didn't believe in any military power.
Instead, they believed in the power of Jesus.
So they lived peacefully and nonviolently.

But then the Roman Government tried to get rid of this faith of Jesus Christ.
They killed them and forced them to follow their way of life.

Because of this persecution, some Christians went to live underground and kept their faith.
Some of them were crucified like Jesus.
Some of them were willing to die for Jesus.
Many Christians died because they believed in the way of Jesus.

Then some of them tried to persuade the Roman officers that Christians were good for their nation, because they served the poor; they spoke the truth; and they lived peacefully.

Then one day one Roman Emperor became a Christian.
Following this, many people also became Christians.

Then eventually the Christian church became very powerful.
They had the political power and even military power.
Then the church was misled.
They didn’t follow the way of Jesus anymore.
Instead, they followed the way of Roman empire:

They judged the kings.
They persecuted those who disagreed with them.
They killed people in the name of Jesus, saying that they were heretics.
They made a lot of mistakes.

If we don’t understand Jesus and his way, we may be like this.

In fact, even in the time of Jesus, some people wished that Jesus would become their military king and get rid of the Romans and make an independent Jewish state.

So on the Palm Sunday, when Jesus like the King of Peace, was riding a donkey and entering Jerusalem, people shouted:
“Save us now!
May God bless you who come in the name of the Lord!
May God bless the coming kingdom of our father David!
May God save us from the highest heaven!”

Yes, he had the super power and authority.
Jesus had God’s power.
But Jesus didn’t use his superpower to fight.
Jesus lived in peace and live for peace.

In fact, Jesus chose to die for the way of God.
Jesus was like:
“Live in peace.
Live for peace.
That is what God wants.
Understand this and have God’s peace.

“Don’t build peace out of fighting and battles.
Build peace out of peace.
Build peace out of love.
Build peace out of those who are willing to die with me.”

Jesus chose peace when other people were violently against him.
Even though he died, he continue building peace.
Jesus even used his death and resurrection to persuade people to become a friend of God and a friend of each other.
Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus is healing their hearts to live in peace.
In this way, Jesus builds peace and save people to live in this way of peace.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for showing us the way of peace.
Thank you for teaching the way of peace.
Thank you for creating peace.
Thank you for helping us to live in peace and for peace.
Thank you.
In Jesus name we pray.