John 21:1-14


Reading: John 21:1-14
Prop: Fish (toys) and fishing net (or something looks like it)

(3) Hello!
Happy Easter!

Do you know what Easter is all about?
Right, it is about Jesus was raised from the dead.

(3-4) You know when Jesus was raised from the dead, he wa funny.
He was able to appear and disappear, appear and disappear, like that.
Sometimes, he was invisible.
Sometimes, he was visible.
You know that, right?

Then one day, Jesus appeared to his students like this.
At this time his students knew Jesus was raised from the death.
But they haven’t seen him awhile.
So, they decided to go for fishing.
(3) There was a lot of fish under the sea.
(3) They had a lot of nets.
But they could not catch any fish.

Then early in the morning, Jesus appeared on the shore and said:
"Hey, friends, have you got any fish?"

They answered:
"Not yet!"
They did not know that it was Jesus speaking to them.

Now before we go further, do you know which is right hand?
(3) Right, this is the right side.

(3) Then Jesus said something like this to them:
"Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will catch a lot of fish."

But some of them were like:
The right side of the boat?”

But others were:
“Well, we have nothing to lose, right?
Let’s go for it.”

(3) So they threw their net on the right side of the boat.
Then they caught so many fish.
They were not even able to pull the net.

Then, they realized and said:
“Wait a minute.
I think he is Jesus!”

(3) So they pulled the net full of fish and came to Jesus.
When they came, Jesus were like:
"Bring your fish, too.
Come and have breakfast."

So they had a nice breakfast with Jesus and had a good time.
Then they talked with Jesus and asked questions.
It was good to see Jesus again.

But I think Jesus wanted to say something to them:
(3) As you know, a long time ago Jesus said to them:
“Follow me and I will make you fishers of people.”

Now Jesus is saying it again in a sense:
“I will make you fishers of people.
You don’t have to catch fish anymore.
I want you to go and catch people for God:
I will help you.
I will help people to know me through you.
Catch people for God and change people for God.
I, the resurrected Jesus, will be with you alway anywhere.”

So that is what they did.
They lived in the right way catching people for God.

Jesus may ask us to do the same thing.
Go and help people for God.
Help people to experience God.

How can we help people to know God?
Well, for example:
God is kind.
We help people to experience God’s kindness by being kind to them as well.
So like that, let’s help people to know God.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for guiding our lives so that we may follow you and be with you forever.
In your name we pray.

Now what?
We will go back to our sits.
Then after baptism and after communion, the Lord’s Supper, we will go out and do some egg hunting and some fun stuff.
Now let’s go back to our sits.


Matthew 7:24-27 (4)


Build your life on the teaching of Jesus
Reading: Matthew 7:21-27
Additional reading: Luke 6:47-49
Blanks: does, knew, Away, practice, foundation
K-hymn: 384

(1) Two people were starting to build their houses.
One was building his house on the rock.
He found the firm foundation for his house.
Then on this foundation, he started to build his house.
He built his house thinking that he would live there forever.
He might not live there forever.
But he wanted to build this house thinking long term.
So he built his house carefully.
He also built his house using good materials.
In the beginning it might take some time.
But he didn’t mind, because he wanted to build a strong house that would last forever.
So he put another stone at the top of other stone very carefully.
He built it slowly, making sure that everything was in the right position.

Again why was he doing this?
Because he was building a house for eternity.

(4) Then one day, he finished his house!
He was very satisfied.
He learned a lot building this house.
Now he was able to do something else, without worrying about his house.

(3) But there were other people who built their house differently.
They found some nice place near beach.
There they built their houses on sand.
Some built their house with papers.
They didn’t care about laying a firm foundation for their houses.
They built strange houses.
(2) They didn’t think about long term.
They didn’t plan to stay there forever.
(3) They didn’t think about the safety of their house.

Then the rain came.
The rain came heavily.
Then many of those houses collapsed.
Some rains became streams.
Then small stream became a big stream.

When the rain comes, the one who built his house on the rock, didn’t worry about the house.
He just did what he needed to do at his house.
He didn’t care about the storm passing by.

(6) But those who built their houses on sand worried about even a small rain.
Their houses were ruined.
If a big wave appeared and hit against the house, their house on sand was completely destroyed.
Then their house was gone.

Jesus told this kind of story to explain something.
(2) He made up this kind of story to say something like this:
“I want to help you to build your house on the rock.
Hear my words and follow through.
Then your life will be safe.
Build your life listening to my teaching.
Hear my words and build your life on it.

(5) “You may wonder why you need to do this right now.
But when the rain comes, you will know.
When the rain comes into your life, and the stream rises, you will know.
When the winds blow into your life, and beat against your houses, you will know.
(6) Then when some difficulty comes, you don’t need to worry because you practice what I say and learn of me.
You are well prepared.
God is protecting what you have built.
When you face difficulty, you can withstand.
You can pass through the storm.
Your life will last forever.
Whatever you build will last forever.
Your fruits will last forever.
You didn’t worry at all, because your life is secure in me.”

(7) “But those who don’t practice what I say when they build their life will experience a fall and a crash.
Without practicing what I say, they could not build something that could stand those storms.”

(2) Jesus was teaching people how to live.
Jesus was teaching people to build something thinking eternity.

So, how do you build your life?
How do you use your time?
How do you make decisions?
Do you make decision based on what Jesus says?
Do you build your life based on the teachings of Jesus?

What is the one thing that you try to practice based on the teachings of Jesus?
What is the one thing that you did because Jesus says so?
What have you practiced?

If you have been practicing, you don’t need to worry your life.
God will take good care of your life.
So let’s listen to Jesus and practice what he says.
Then what you build will last forever.

(3) Jesus is trying to build a new world.
Jesus is inviting us to build together.
So he is asking us to obey his teaching.
Jesus is teaching us to practice, so that we could live forever.
When we obey his teaching, we are also protecting our life as well.
(Martin Luther and Martin Luther King build up wonderful “houses,” on the teaching of Jesus, where they and people could rest and enjoy.)

(1) So, here is homework.
Try to find his teachings and practice them this week.
Then you don’t need to worry because you build your life on Jesus the Rock.
In this way we can protect our life and our loved ones.
When we practice what he says, we also really learn why he says what he says.
Then we may understand the power of his words.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to practice what you want us to practice.
And help us to love you and love people.
Help us to be patient and kind.
Help us to follow you.
In Jesus name, we pray.

Here is someone who tried to build his life like that.
Some of you have seen this.
But let’s watch this: youtu.be/vkv3AgnzSh0

Because of Jesus, this man tried to find the lonely and be with them.
He wanted to help him to be part of the group.
In this way he may build his life on the teaching of Jesus.

Love God and love people
• Matthew 18: 23-35: “Forgive your brother from your heart.”
• Matthew 5:38-48: “Do not resist an evil person.”
• Matthew 6: 14 -15: “If you forgive, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.”
Teach the Bible.


John 2:13-22


Jesus, the temple of God
Reading: John 2:13-22
Props: coins, table, animals
Blanks: Jerusalem, temple, turned, Stop, love, destroy, body

(3) Two thousand years ago, in Israel, there was a temple in Jerusalem.
It looked like this.
People came here and worshiped God.

(3) This temple had about 4 different courts, or four different areas.

For example, there was the Court of the Gentiles.
If you were not Jewish, you could come here and pray.
However, you could not come beyond this area.

Then there was the court of women.
If you were Jewish women, you could come here and pray.
But if you needed to offer a sacrifice, you could come to the court of Israel.
Otherwise, you could not come beyond this court of women.

Then there was the court of Israel.
If you were Jewish men, you could come here and pray.
Here you could also give your animals to the priest so that they could offer to God.

Then there was the court of the priests.
If you were Jewish priests, you could come and pray.

Lastly, if you were the high priest, you could come to the Holy Place once a year.
Then you offered a sacrifice for the whole world on the Day of Atonement, the day of reconciliation.

(3) This is the way they were supposed to use this temple.
But on the Passover, they violated this rule:
In the Passover season the temple was crowded, because many people came from many nations to offer sacrifices to God.
Some of them were not Jewish.

(3) Then the temple authority decided to raise money on the Passover season.
So they used the Court of the Gentiles to sell animals and exchanged money.

So this kind of situation happened:
(3) These pilgrims bought animals to offer to God.
They might also want to give thanks to God for what God has done in their life.

But when they tried to offer their animals to God, the inspectors appeared.
They checked whether those animals had any blemish, imperfection or defect.
If there was, they would say:
“You cannot give these animals to God because it had defect.
But we have these animals that the priests have already approved.
So go buy those animals.”

(3) But in order to buy those animals, first they need to exchanged money.
In those days, most coins had various engraved images.
Meaning, some coins had images of persons or animals in them.

But in the temple, they couldn’t use those coins.
They could only use coins that didn’t have human and animal images in them.

So in order to buy animals in the temple, people had to exchange their money first.
But exchanging money could be costly.
(3) And sometimes, just because their silver coins were worn out, they had to pay more.

(3) Anyway after exchanging money, they could buy animals which was also expensive.
For example, some pigeon was 10 times more expensive than outside.

But people wanted to offer sacrifices to God.
So they bought animals.

(1) But again it was sold at the court of Gentiles
Non-Jewish people were supposed to pray to God here.
God wanted to hear their prayer.

(1) But this place of prayer sounded like a market place.
Some people might have talked loudly.
Some might have been shouting.
It sounded like a playground.

(3) Now let’s imagine a quiet library.
Have you been to a quiet library?
What does people do in library?
Right they are reading.
So when you talk, you whisper, right?
You talk quietly, so that people can read their books.
(3) But what will happen if you shout at the library?

(3) Well, that is what Jesus found when he came to the temple.
People need to pray there.
But he found people negotiating, talking, yelling and selling animals and exchanging money and so on.

So non-Jewish people might have asked:
“Where can I pray?”
Then people might have said:
“Right here!”

So Jesus wanted to make this place a place of prayer again.
So he said something like this:
(3) “You, who are selling animals and exchanging money:
Get out of here!
This is the place of prayer!”

(3) Then he turned over the tables.
He tried to make this place a place of prayer.

(3) Then they challenged Jesus saying:
“Who are you?
Why do you act like this?
Can you show us that you have the authority to do this here?”

Then Jesus was like:
“Pull down this temple.
Then I will show you that I have the authority by raising it up in three days.”

They were like:
“It took forty-six years to build this temple.
Can you raise it in three days?
What are you talking about?”

Well, Jesus didn’t answer them right away.
But Jesus was saying something like this:
(3) “This temple was supposed to represent me.
God gave you this temple to explain about my ministry.
(3) Now I am the temple where God dwells.
So you don’t need this temple anymore.
Without it, God will love you and forgive you because of me.

(3) But you will kill me.
Meaning, you will pull down the temple.
But God will raise me up from the dead in three days.”

(3) “God will forgive you, because I will be offered for your forgiveness of sins.
I will pay the full price for your forgiveness.
So when you ask for your forgiveness in my name, God will forgive.

(3) “That means, you don’t need to offer animals to God any more.
No more animal sacrifices.
You don’t need to kill any animal to be forgiven.

(4) "Then no more of this division between the courts of gentiles, the courts of women, the courts of men, the courts of priests and so on.
There is no division before God.
So the gentiles can come to the Holy Place and even to God.
Everyone is equal.
So we don’t need these walls.
And I will reconcile all people so that all people can come and meet God as the one people of God from now on.

(3) "Lastly, if you believe in me, God will even use you as God’s temples and dwell in you.
God will speak through you, just like God speaks through me.
So believe in me and remain in me.”
That is basically what Jesus says today.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us worship you and live according to your will.
In Jesus name, we pray.


Matthew 12: 1-8


God is love
Reading: Matthew 12: 1-8
Additional reading: Hosea 6: 6

About 3500 years ago, Moses received various rules from God.
Some of them were about how to offer a sacrifice to God.

(2) Then about 500 years later, Samuel realized what God really wanted is that people obey God.
God is still speaking.
So God desires obedience more than sacrifices: 1 Samuel 15:22
“Does the Lord delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeying the Lord?
To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.”

So Samuel taught people to obey God.
In order to help people obey God, he started to teach people to listen to God.
They need to hear in order to obey and do God’s will.
So Samuel invited people to wait and listen to God.
He also trained people to worship and pray in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Then about 800 years later, Hosea realized something more.
He realized what was like to obey God.
(3) So Hosea talked about what God wanted.
He said that God desires mercy, not sacrifice. (Hosea 6: 6)

He taught people what God wanted so that they could obey.
God wants love, mercy, kindness, goodness and compassion.
God wants to see people practice mercy, kindness and good will towards all people.

Hosea understood that otherwise, they would be conquered and sent into exile.
They need to know and follow the compassionate and merciful of God in order to live peacefully.
God can help them.

Then about 800 years later, Jesus came and practice what Hosea taught.
He showed everybody how to practice the love of God.

We see his examples at Matthew 9: 9-13 and Matthew 12: 1-8.
Here Pharisees accused Jesus and his disciples for not practicing their religious rules that they made reading the Bible.
They accused Jesus saying:
1) Why do you eat with tax collectors and ‘sinners’? (Matthew 9: 11)
2) Why are your students doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath? Why do they pick some heads of grain and eat them? (Matthew 12: 1)

Then Jesus responded saying what Hosea already said: that is,
God desires compassion, not sacrifice. (Hosea 6:6)

Jesus was saying:
In order to practice this teaching, Jesus eats with sinners and heals the sick.
In order to practice this teaching, Jesus doesn’t give up on sinners.
In order to practice this teaching, Jesus didn’t say anything to his hungry disciples.
They were eating because they were hungry.

Jesus understood that God is merciful.
So, Jesus taught them again and again about what Hosea says:
God desires compassion, mercy and kindness.

In a sense Jesus was saying to them:
“Pharisees, don’t be too righteous to practice compassion and forgiveness.
In fact, love is more important than sacrifice.
Mercy is more important than even tithing. (Matthew 23:23)
Love is more important than all the teachings of Moses.
So don’t try to judge others based on the teachings of Moses.
Don’t judge others because they could not follow the teachings of Moses.
Don’t accuse anyone.
Instead follow this compassionate God.
Chose to love and forgive.”

But they tried to force Jesus to follow their religious regulations.
They were holding on to their rules and regulation too much that they could not follow the compassionate God.

But if they really know God, they would be more loving, forgiving, flexible, and merciful.
When God is working in their hearts, they will be like God.
When they understand how much God is compassionate, they will be busy teaching God’s grace and love.
They will be busy teaching God’s everlasting compassion and forgiveness and love.
They will be busy blessing all people.

Jesus came to explain that God is love and compassion.
God gave his only Son to explain that God is love.
So following this compassionate God, Jesus gave his life so that people may have another chance in life.
Jesus gave his life so that people could return to God and experience God’s love.
Jesus became the Lamb of God in order to take away sins of the world.
Being risen from the death, through the Holy Spirit, Jesus continually teaches people to experience that God is love.
Jesus saves people and helps them to know that God is love.
Then everyone who believes in him may have eternal life. (John 3: 16)

In this way Jesus shows how much God loves the world.
Then through the Holy Spirit Jesus enables more people to live like him mercifully.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, you are more compassionate than we could ever imagine.
May we know and experience how much you love us.
Help us to love you and follow you.
Help us to practice what you have practiced.
In your name we pray.


John 3:14-21 (1)


Jesus was lifted up
Reading: John 3:14-21
Additional reading: Numbers 21:4-9
Blanks: believes, believes, through, believed, truth, help

(3) About 3500 years ago, the people of Israel were traveling in the desert.
(3) But there was a terrible incident where many snakes came out and killed a lot of people in the desert.

(3) Moses prayed.
Then God told him:
“Make a bronze snake and put it up on a pole.
Then ask people to look at it.
If they obey, they will live.”

(2) So Moses obeyed.
He made a bronze snake and put it up on a pole and asked people to look at it.
All those who obeyed were healed.

(3) But some people might have said:
“Moses, this is why I don’t like about you.
You are not scientific.
Don’t you see that this is impossible?
How can I be healed by just looking at it?”

(3) But some people might have said:
“All you want is that I look at it, right?
Ok, I can do that.”
Then they saw it and were healed immediately.

Then 1500 years later, Jesus came to Jewish people again.
Then Jesus said something like this:
(1) “Do you remember that Moses lifted up the bronze snake in the desert?
Then all those who obeyed and looked at it were saved.
Now it is my turn.
I will be lifted up.
And everyone who looks and believes in me will have eternal life.”
That is faith: responding to God's word and intention.

(3) But some people might have said:
“Jesus, you make no sense.
It is impossible.
How can I have eternal life, by just looking at you lifted up?”

(3) But some people might have said:
“If you want me to look at you lifted up, I can do that.
But what does it mean?
What does it mean to look and believe?
I don’t understand.
Help me understand what it means that you are to be lifted up.”

(3) So let’s think about this:
What does it mean that Jesus was lifted up?
Was he lifted up?
When was he lifted up?

(3) Jesus was lifted up twice, right?
(3) Jesus was lifted up on the cross.
(3) Then after his resurrection, Jesus was lifted up and ascended into heaven.

(3) Because he obeyed God, he was lifted up twice.
When God works in our hearts, we may also obey God like him.

(#) Now let’s think about why Jesus was lifted?
As you know, Jesus is God.
But then he was lifted up on the cross?

(3) In this world there is a power of sin.
So everybody may make mistakes sometimes.
Everybody may say or do something wrong sometimes, right?

Why is that?
This happens even when they want to do something good and right.
Sometimes, they wanted to do something good but they couldn’t.
They found themselves doing things that they didn’t want to do.
There were some disunity in them.

So they could not become what they wanted to be.
They could not become what God wanted them to be.
Because of this, they lost.
They didn’t really know who they were.
So they didn’t know how to serve God and how to live their lives.
So they were not happy.
But then some of them totally gave up and lived badly and wickedly.
So other people were in danger.
And this was a problem.

(4) So God sent Jesus.
Jesus came to help them see a new possibility in their life.
Jesus helped them to know God’s good plan for them.
Jesus helped them to know who they are in God.
Jesus helped them to know how much God loves them.
So then they were encouraged to start a new life.

(3) The students of Jesus realized this by looking at the life of Jesus.
But in the beginning, they could not understand why Jesus had to die.
They could not understand why Jesus had to ascend into heaven.
But looking at the life of Jesus, they saw what a true obedience to God looked like.

Jesus also explains a little by little as much as they can understand, why Jesus had to die for people.
Then little by little they understood why Jesus was lifted up.
Then they knew the truth.

People thought that the death is the end of a life.
But Jesus said:
“No, it is only a new beginning.”

So Jesus lived for the truth, died for the truth and live again for the truth.
Jesus wanted to show his disciples how to live for the truth, die for the truth and live again for the truth.

When we see Jesus lifted up, we may realize this.
Then we may truly believe in Jesus.
We may feel very close to God.
Then we may hear from God.
We may understand how to live their life.
Then we may want to obey the teachings of Jesus and live forever.

(3) That is why we want to preach Jesus lifted up.
If people understand enough, they may also live for the truth.
They may understand the meaning of life.
They may think and make right choices for our life.
They may understand how God thinks.
Then they may be able to live in the way Jesus lived.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for what you have done.
You have done many things even though we may not understand right way.
Help us to understand so that we may truly obey you.

Give us power to love you as much as you love us.
Give us power to love one another as you love us.
In Jesus name, we pray.