Matthew 7:24-27 (4)


Build your life on the teaching of Jesus
Reading: Matthew 7:21-27
Additional reading: Luke 6:47-49
Blanks: does, knew, Away, practice, foundation
K-hymn: 384

(1) Two people were starting to build their houses.
One was building his house on the rock.
He found the firm foundation for his house.
Then on this foundation, he started to build his house.
He built his house thinking that he would live there forever.
He might not live there forever.
But he wanted to build this house thinking long term.
So he built his house carefully.
He also built his house using good materials.
In the beginning it might take some time.
But he didn’t mind, because he wanted to build a strong house that would last forever.
So he put another stone at the top of other stone very carefully.
He built it slowly, making sure that everything was in the right position.

Again why was he doing this?
Because he was building a house for eternity.

(4) Then one day, he finished his house!
He was very satisfied.
He learned a lot building this house.
Now he was able to do something else, without worrying about his house.

(3) But there were other people who built their house differently.
They found some nice place near beach.
There they built their houses on sand.
Some built their house with papers.
They didn’t care about laying a firm foundation for their houses.
They built strange houses.
(2) They didn’t think about long term.
They didn’t plan to stay there forever.
(3) They didn’t think about the safety of their house.

Then the rain came.
The rain came heavily.
Then many of those houses collapsed.
Some rains became streams.
Then small stream became a big stream.

When the rain comes, the one who built his house on the rock, didn’t worry about the house.
He just did what he needed to do at his house.
He didn’t care about the storm passing by.

(6) But those who built their houses on sand worried about even a small rain.
Their houses were ruined.
If a big wave appeared and hit against the house, their house on sand was completely destroyed.
Then their house was gone.

Jesus told this kind of story to explain something.
(2) He made up this kind of story to say something like this:
“I want to help you to build your house on the rock.
Hear my words and follow through.
Then your life will be safe.
Build your life listening to my teaching.
Hear my words and build your life on it.

(5) “You may wonder why you need to do this right now.
But when the rain comes, you will know.
When the rain comes into your life, and the stream rises, you will know.
When the winds blow into your life, and beat against your houses, you will know.
(6) Then when some difficulty comes, you don’t need to worry because you practice what I say and learn of me.
You are well prepared.
God is protecting what you have built.
When you face difficulty, you can withstand.
You can pass through the storm.
Your life will last forever.
Whatever you build will last forever.
Your fruits will last forever.
You didn’t worry at all, because your life is secure in me.”

(7) “But those who don’t practice what I say when they build their life will experience a fall and a crash.
Without practicing what I say, they could not build something that could stand those storms.”

(2) Jesus was teaching people how to live.
Jesus was teaching people to build something thinking eternity.

So, how do you build your life?
How do you use your time?
How do you make decisions?
Do you make decision based on what Jesus says?
Do you build your life based on the teachings of Jesus?

What is the one thing that you try to practice based on the teachings of Jesus?
What is the one thing that you did because Jesus says so?
What have you practiced?

If you have been practicing, you don’t need to worry your life.
God will take good care of your life.
So let’s listen to Jesus and practice what he says.
Then what you build will last forever.

(3) Jesus is trying to build a new world.
Jesus is inviting us to build together.
So he is asking us to obey his teaching.
Jesus is teaching us to practice, so that we could live forever.
When we obey his teaching, we are also protecting our life as well.
(Martin Luther and Martin Luther King build up wonderful “houses,” on the teaching of Jesus, where they and people could rest and enjoy.)

(1) So, here is homework.
Try to find his teachings and practice them this week.
Then you don’t need to worry because you build your life on Jesus the Rock.
In this way we can protect our life and our loved ones.
When we practice what he says, we also really learn why he says what he says.
Then we may understand the power of his words.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to practice what you want us to practice.
And help us to love you and love people.
Help us to be patient and kind.
Help us to follow you.
In Jesus name, we pray.

Here is someone who tried to build his life like that.
Some of you have seen this.
But let’s watch this: youtu.be/vkv3AgnzSh0

Because of Jesus, this man tried to find the lonely and be with them.
He wanted to help him to be part of the group.
In this way he may build his life on the teaching of Jesus.

Love God and love people
• Matthew 18: 23-35: “Forgive your brother from your heart.”
• Matthew 5:38-48: “Do not resist an evil person.”
• Matthew 6: 14 -15: “If you forgive, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.”
Teach the Bible.