Mark 10:35-45 (2)


Reading: Mark 10:35-45
Additional reading: Philippians 2:1-13, Philippians 2:3
K-hymn: 377
Blanks: know, baptized, belong, prepared, servant, slave

When God wants to change the world, God sent Jesus to change the world.
When Jesus wants to change the world, Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to change the world.
When the Holy Spirit wants to change the world, the Holy Spirit creates the churches to change the world.
When the church wants to change the world, the church prays and trains God's servants to change the world.

So, to make God’s will be done on earth, God gave the Son of God.
The Son of God gave the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit gave the church.
The church trained new servants for that.

God is doing God’s own part.
Jesus is doing his own part.
The Holy Spirit is doing her own part.
The church is doing her own part to change the world.

In order for this process to work, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the church, these servants should have the very important inner attitude of serving:
They need to be willing to serve.
They need to be willing to live a life of servant.

Then God is serving.
The Son of God is serving.
The Holy Spirit is serving.
The church is serving.
God’s servants are serving.

In order to understand this process, let’s try to understand a business world:
In the business world, it may work like this.
Those who serve more customers win.
If Apple serve more through their products, Apple wins.
If Samsung serve more through their products, Samsung wins.
“It is all about who serve better.
If you serve better, you win.”

In a business world, it is like that.
If you serve better through your arts, your writings, or your works, you win.

In terms of our spiritual benefit, this can be understood like this.
If you want to be a good spiritual leader, you need to serve.
If you want to follow Jesus, you need to serve.
When you are willing to serve, you can be part of God's movement.

So Jesus may say something like this:
“I need those who use their power to serve others.
I need those who invest their lives to give people an advantage in life.
I need those who push their way to the bottom to serve the poor.
I need those who allow other people to serve and be happy.
I need those who are willing to leave everything to start over for God.
I need those who let others get ahead.

“Put your ego aside.
Deny yourselves.
Live a life of service quietly and patiently.
Then you will bear much fruits.
Focus on serving others.
Then God will use you to bear much fruits in this world.
Help also those who try to serve.”

Jesus served giving his life to free many people.
Jesus also loved to give a chance for his students to serve.

Jesus didn't do everything.
Jesus loved to give the opportunity to serve.
When people could do for themselves, Jesus let them to what they could do for themselves.

For example, do you remember when Jesus called out Lazarus from his tomb?
At that time, Jesus asked other people:
“Remove the stone.”

Jesus could have removed the stone.
But Jesus didn’t remove the stone.
Because they could do that for themselves.
Jesus helped them to be part of this miracle.

At that time, they could not raise Lazarus from the death.
But they could remove the stone.
So Jesus asked them to do what they could do and be part of this miracle.

Also remember when Jesus multiplied the food and fed thousand of people: five bread and two fishes?
At that time, Jesus asked his students to give out the food that was multiplied.
Jesus asked his students to do what they could do and be part of this miracle.
Jesus gave them the opportunity to serve.
Jesus helped them to do something to serve people.

So we also want to give the opportunity to serve.
We want to give people a chance to go out and serve according to their own gifts and talents.
Then you may be able to help many people joyfully learn and grow.

Jesus empowers his people to serve through the Holy Spirit.
So we will find out what we can do.
We will learn to develop our gift and talent because we will find an opportunity to serve others.

So find what you can do for other people.
Hone your skills.
Then we may serve better and better.
In this way, we will be part of the ministry of Jesus today.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for serving us.
Help us to serve you and help people.
Help us to pray for people and seek their eternal benefit.
Help us to live like you.
In Jesus name, we pray.