John 15: 9-17


Prayer Walk
Reading: John 15: 9-17
Additional reading: Joshua 6:1-20, Matthew 28:16-20, Matthew 9:35-38
Blanks: remain, joy, Love, friends, known, chose, appointed, fruit

(1) Have you heard about “Prayer Walk”?
What is prayer walk?

Simply put, it is to pray and walk at the same time.
You walk around your neighborhood and pray for your neighbors.
Or you walk around your school and pray for people there.
Or you walk around your room and pray for the world.
That is prayer walk.
Have you ever done that?

(3) Prayer walk can be done anywhere and anytime.
So, some people go and pray for various cities, and universities.
Some people visit other nations and pray for that nation.

(3) Some people go to a mission field and pray for people there.
Some people put down a world map and pray for the world.

So prayer walk can be easy.
You can just go and pray.

But I have some suggestion.
You may pray like this.

(4) Let's say you decide to pray for your neighbors.
So you want to prepare yourself first.
You may pray for God’s protection over you.

You may give praise and thanks to God for your city. (Psalm 100:1, John 12:32)
You may give thanks for all the things that Jesus has done there.
You may sing and worship.
You may pray that God may be honored, loved, lifted up, revealed and praised there.
In this way, you recognize that Jesus is the Lord of your city.

(3) Then you may read the story of Jesus to think about what Jesus may ask you to pray for.
His words may help you and guide your prayer.

(3) Then you may go and pray that Jesus may bless your community even more.
You may pray for people there.
You may pray that God may heal them and cleanse them spiritually.
You may pray that Jesus may manifest more in their lives.
You may pray that they may understand God.
You may pray that they may experience God’s power in their life.
You may pray that they may live peacefully and live a peaceful life.

(2) As you pray, the Holy Spirit may give you some idea.
The Holy Spirit may give you the word of knowledge. (I Corinthians 12:8)
That means, suddenly you will get a good idea.
Then you may realize what to pray about.

The Holy Spirit may give you a word of wisdom.
Then you may know how to pray wisely.

(1) But why do we pray walking around our neighborhood?
Can we just pray at home?
You can do that.

(3) But when you go and pray, you may get some new insights or impressions.
The Holy Spirit may guide you to see, hear, or smell something.
The Holy Spirit may give you some information.

(3) The Holy Spirit may say:
“I want you come here and pray for this people or that people.”
The Holy Spirit may guide your steps and guide your prayers.

(3) For example, the Holy Spirit may ask you pray for their forgiveness from sins.
Then you may pray for their forgiveness and their freedom. (Daniel 9:2-19, Psalm 51:17)
You may pray that God may help them understand God’s love and God’s forgiveness.
And as you pray, God will forgive them and free them.
Then you may experience God’s working in their lives.

(2) As you pray, you want to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit of God.
You want to pray according to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

When the Holy Spirit may guide you to pray and when you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, you may be able to feel what God feels about this place.
You may hear what God is saying.
You may recognize God’s hope and God’s plan for that city.

Then as you pray, you may experience more of God.
You may experience God’s power in your community. (Ephesians 6:10)

(3) God will guide you and lead your life.
God may open a door of opportunity so that you may get involved in what God is doing.
God may make you strong so that you may pray and serve your community.
So as you pray, you may hear more and feel more of God who says:
“I am here right with you.”

(2) But for some prayer request, you may need to pray for a long time.
You may need to pray patiently without giving up.
Some prayer request may take many days, or many years or many generations.
But then you will realize when your prayer is answered.

(4) God loves all the people, as you know.
So pray for all the people.
Pray for your city, your school, your family, your church and your world in Jesus name.

(2) And now before we end, let’s practice praying for our neighbors.
Why don’t we pray for our school, our classmates, our teachers, our neighbors or our family.
You may choose what you want to pray for.
Or you may ask God about what to pray for.
Then pray about what God is asking you today, ok?
If you don’t know what to pray for, pray for your school.

So now, we are going to pray about 30 seconds.
Use this 30 seconds to pray for some people, ok?
I am sure God is listening.

Let’s pray for 30 seconds:

(After 30 second)

Jesus, we thank you for your good works in our world.
May your good will and good plan be done.
May your eternal peace be experienced in this world.
Thank you for guiding us and leading us.
In Jesus name, we pray.