Mark 3:20-35 (1)


God's family?
Reading: Mark 3:20-35
Blanks: divided, stand, forgiven, God’s will

(1) When Jesus was born, he became a member of a human family.
He loved his family.
He had a good time with his family.

(3) Then growing up, he learned about his family business.
Then later, he took over his family business.
In this way, he supported his family and so on.

(3) Then one day Jesus realized that God had called him to raise up God’s family.
He started to take care of the family of God.
(3-3) So he planned it out and decided like this:
Instead of asking his family:
“Guys, let’s become the family of God and do what God asks us to do.”
Instead of doing that, he left his family and started to do what God asked him to do.
He started to raise up the new family of God with new people.
Then he wanted this new family of God to encourage and help his family to become the family of God.

(3) So he left his his family.
Then Jesus called out these new people to become God’s family.
He also asked them to leave their family as well, because then their family might also become God’s family.

(3) In this way Jesus gathered the family of God.
Then since now they were his family, Jesus stayed with them, helped them to learn God and experience God’s power.
Jesus showed what was like to live as God’s family.

(3) But then many people wanted to experience this.
So they gathered around Jesus.
Then Jesus continually taught them and healed them so on.
So his disciples sometimes, could not have a time to eat.

(3) But then back home, his mother, brothers, and sisters heard about what Jesus was doing.
His message and mission was radical.
(3) Jesus was also challenging the authority.
Then they realized that what Jesus was trying to do was very dangerous.
They heard that many religious leaders were not happy with him.
They realized that if Jesus continually lived like this, the authority would kill him.
And his new family could not save him!

(3) So they came to rescue Jesus.
They asked and searched and found out where Jesus was.
Then when they arrived, Jesus was teaching at a house.
There was a large crowd.

So they might have said from the back:
“Jesus is our brother.
He is my son!
Please ask him come out!.”

Then people let Jesus know about this saying:
“Jesus, your mother and brothers are outside!”

(3) Then Jesus was like:
"Who are my mother and my brothers?”
Then looking at his disciples, Jesus said:
“Here are my mother and my brothers!
All those who do what God wants them to do are my mother, my brother and my sister."

(3) When his family heard this, they might have felt disappointed.
It was not like Jesus whom they used to know.
But then when they looked around, they saw people and his disciples who were happy, excited and glad.

So when they got home, they thought about what they saw and heard.
Then as the time passed, they started to understand Jesus.
They started to understand what Jesus was trying to do.

(3) But then what they worried about happened.
Jesus was arrested by the high priests.
(3) Then Jesus was hung on the cross.

(3) On the cross, Jesus saw his mother, his aunt and his disciple. (John 19:25)
Mary was watching her son dying on the cross.
And Jesus must have felt really sorry for her.
Then, Jesus asked his disciple to take care of her.
Then she became an important person in God’s family.

Then Jesus died on the cross.
Then after three days, Jesus was risen from the dead.
Then, he appeared to many people.
He also appeared to his brother, James, who eventually became a leader of God’s family.

So this is how Jesus helped his family to become God’s family.
(3) First, he left his family in order to live according to God’s will and raise up the family of God.
(3) Then later the family of God welcomed his family and help them to be God’s family.

(3) But then what is God’s family?
And who can we become God's family?

(3) All those who pray this prayer are God’s family:
“God, may your good will be done in our life.
May your good plan be done in our life.”
That is, God’s family know the will of God and live accordingly.
Or at least they try.

(3-3) When they become God’s family, God’s family will help their family to be God’s family.
Then your family may be united in love and faith.

So, I hope that you find out what God wants for you.
I hope that you be able to do what the most merciful God wants for you.
And may God’s family help your family to find what God wants them to do.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for raising up God’s family.
Even though we are not not perfect, you want us to be part of your family.
So help us to know what you wants.
Help us to follow you faithfully.
May God’s family help our family to find you.
Help our family to be a faithful member of your family.
In Jesus name, we pray.