Mark 4:26-34 (1)


The power of God’s words
Reading: Mark 4:26-34
Blanks: kingdom, produces, mustard, parables

(3) Jesus told many stories.
Each story is like a seed.
Each story has its own power to grow among the hearts of people.

Using these stories, using these seeds, Jesus taught his church, explaining the meaning of those stories.

Today we read two stories, right?
(3) Through these stories, Jesus taught the power of God's words.
Jesus taught how things are happening according to God’s words.

So let's have a look at each story.
From the first story, Jesus explained something like this:

(3) God is the first cause of all good things.
Then when God is starting something, God spreads his words into the world.
It was like spreading his seeds.
Then these seeds grow and grow, day and night.

(3) In the beginning, people may be not able to watch it grow.
People may not know the seed is there.
People may be not interested in it.
Or people may not like the seeds and stand against them.

(3) But the seeds will grow.
It will grow steadily and slowly.
The seed will grow and grow and grow.
Then it will produce grains and fruits.
(3) Then God will harvest these grain and fruits.

(3) But what does it mean, to us?
When God promised something to you, it doesn't matter whether God spoke in a small voice or not.
If God said something, his words would start working for you.
It will work, work and work in you.

(3) People may not know about it.
People may not like it.
People may stand against it.
People may use their power to stop it.

(3) But if planted, you don’t need to check every hour to see whether it grows.
You don’t need to see whether people like it or not.
You don’t need to worry about whether people understand it or not?
You don’t need to find out whether your family is interested in or not.
The words of Jesus will increase its power and influence.
The words of Jesus will influence more and more people.

(3) That is, it will grow and grow and grow.
And no one can stop it!
So you will see the results.
That is the power of God’s words.

(3) Now let's think about the next story.
You know this story.
This story is a story of a mustard seed.

The seed is very small like these:
But when planted, it grows and grows and grows.
(3) It becomes the large tree.
(3) Then the birds come and dwell in it.

You may think about this story like this:
(3) This little seed are like a little ideas or insights.
(3) Then because God makes it grow and grow, this little idea becomes a life changing philosophy.
This little idea becomes a movement to help many people.
This little idea may grow and change the world.

(4) So if you have received some insight or words from Jesus, meditate on it.
Talk about it.
Put into practice.
Then you see that it produces God’s fruits.

Another example is this:
(3) Let’s say God asks you to help someone.
Let’s say God asks you to give something to someone.
Then as you obey, you will experience God’s power.

(3) His words are like these seeds.
So these seeds are like the words of Jesus.
(3) His words contain idea, vision, and dream for the world.
When planted, his words will grow and become a movement.

(3) But then the Bible says that Jesus is God’s Word.
(3) So the story of Jesus is like the seed.
Then this words of Jesus will create the churches.
Then the impact of his words will increase over the years.

(3) When the church welcomes his words, the church will become like a big tree where people can gather around to experience God’s power.
God uses his church to accomplish a great thing in the world.
When Jesus continually speaks his powerful words, eventually all the people of the world will grow based on his words.
In this way God works among us.

(3) But then the Bible says that each one of you is the church.
You are the church.
So, as the church, think about what God says to you or asks you to do in these days.
What have you heard from God so far?
What do you hear God speaking to you in these days?

Again his words are like seeds.
When these words are planted in us, these words will grow and grow.

(3) So if God gives you his words, speak about it.
Meditate on it.
Use it well.
Then watch it grow.

In this way, you will learn to have faith, as these words will help you to have faith.
In this way, you walk with Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for helping us to grow.
Thank you for giving us your good words and plan and idea.
Thank you for accomplishing your good plan among us and in us
In Jesus name, we pray.