Mark 4:35-41 (1)


God is in control
Reading: Mark 4:35-41
Blanks: sleeping, faith, obey

Today, I am going to tell you three stories.

(2) The first story is the story of Jonah.
You remember the story of Jonah, right?
Jesus lived about 800 years before the birth of Jesus.

What happened to him?
God asked Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh and preach, because God loves them.
But Jonah didn’t like those people.
They were the enemy of his nation.
(3) So, he did what?
He ran away.
Jonah took a boat and ran away.
He wanted to go far away from the city of Nineveh.

(1) Then a great storm came up.
The wind and the waves were about to swallow the boat.
But then Jonah had an idea of why this was happening.

But still Jonah didn’t want to go and preach to the people of Nineveh.
So he asked other people in the boat to throw him into the sea, saying it happened because he disobeyed God.
(3) Then because they saw that they were about die, they listened to Jonah.
So they threw him into the sea.
(3) Then, the storm calmed down.

(3) But still God has not finished with Jonah yet.
So, a huge fish came and swallowed him.
(3) So Jonah was living in the belly of this fish for three days.

Then Jonah changed his mind.
He asked God to forgive him.
(2) Then the fish threw him back into the shore.
Then again, God called Jonah to preach to the people of Nineveh.
Then, Jonah listened to God.

(3) Jonah went and preached to the people of Nineveh
(3) Then, about 120,000 people repented and asked God to forgive them.
Then God forgave them and blessed them.

Now let’s think about another story that we just read today.

(2) At this time, Jesus was teaching the crowd.
He passionately taught many lessons at this beach.

(3) Then the evening came.
So Jesus ended his teaching for the day.
(3) Then he dismissed all these people and tried to go to the other side of Galilee by boat.

(3) Jesus was satisfied with helping all those people!
So he might have said:
"Thank you, God.”
Then he just rested awhile.
(3) Then Jesus fell asleep on the boat.

(3) But then a huge storm came up.
Then the waves poured into the boat.

(3) So the disciples woke Jesus up and said:
“Teacher, don’t you care that we’re about to drown?”

When Jesus opened his eyes, he saw his students being frightened.
(3) Since they were afraid so much, Jesus spoke to the wind and the waves:
“Be still!
Be silent!”
(3) Then the wind and the waves obeyed him.

(3) When the boat was in danger, the disobedient Jonah asked people to throw him to the sea.
When the boat was in danger, the obedient Jesus said to the wind and the waves:
"Be quiet."

(3) Anyway, when the disciples saw Jesus having the authority over the winds and the waves, they asked each other:
“Who is this?
Even the wind and the waves obey him!”

But then Jesus challenged them and said:
(3) “Why were you afraid?
“Did you not have faith in me?”

Jesus might have wanted to say:
“You are with me.
When you are with me, you are not going to die.
I can protect you physically and spiritually.
And God loves you.
And God is going to do great works through you to help many, many people in the future.
So God would not allow you to die yet.
And even if you die, you will be alright with me.”

Now let’s hear our last story:
(3) It is now 1736 AD.
There was a young man whose name was John Wesley.
He also was in this boat.
And there was a terrible storm.
(3) Then his people in the boat were afraid and screaming .

(3) But he noticed one group of people who were not afraid.
They quietly sung hymns to God.
They prayed and worshiped Jesus together.

Their calmness was so shocking and so powerful to this young man, John Wesley.
So afterward, he asked them:
“Were you not afraid?”

They said:
“Oh, we thank God, no.”

Then John asked:
“But what about your women and children?
Were they not afraid?”

They said:
“No, our women and children are not afraid to die.”

These were Moravian Christians who dedicated their lives to preach the life of Jesus.

Then John Wesley wanted to learn of their faith.
Then John Wesley experienced God in his heart also and became a Christian.
(3) Then he was not afraid to preach the good news of Jesus.
So he lived for God and helped so many, many people.

(3) Now let’s summarize these stories.

From his experience, Jonah learned that the most merciful and loving God is in control.

Jesus knew that God loves his students.
God is in control of their lives.
So he asked his students to trust God in all times and trust him.

Through those Moravian Christians, John Wesley learned that the loving God is in control of their lives.
But still some people may say:
“My life is in turmoil.
My boat of life is in danger.”

(3) Then Jesus may say it again:
“Why are you afraid?
Why do you worry?
God is in control.
God is with you.
So trust me.
Trust me with your life.”

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for loving us.
Thank you for have us live boldly and courageously.
Thank you for help us live having the faith of Jesus the Christ.
Thank you for guiding us to live according to your will.
Thank you for making everything move smoothly and nicely ,according to your will.
So, we trust you always.
Thank you for answering our prayer.
In Jesus name, we pray.