Mark 5:21-43 (1)


The faith of Jesus = The possibility of God
Readings: Mark 5:21-43
Additional reading: Isaiah 53: 1-12
Blanks: went, faith, believe, asleep, get up

(3) When you play with water, you get wet.
This is so obvious.

The faith of Jesus is like that.
When people hear about Jesus, they have more faith.
When people hear Jesus, they see new possibility for their lives.
When they spend time with Jesus, they have more faith inside and out.
When they are with Jesus, they tend to have good thoughts and powerful faith.
This is like they get wet with his faith inside and out.

Today we hear two stories that can explain this:

(3) There was a man whose name was Jairus.
He was a Jewish religious leader of this town.
As a religious leader, he knew how to be religiously clean according to his tradition.
So he would not touch what he was not supposed to to touch.
Because if he touched, he might be religiously unclean.

(3) But Jairus needed a miracle.
So he was waiting for Jesus to come to his town.
When Jesus came, many people gathered around him.
(3) Then Jairus also came and asked:
"Jesus, please, come and put your hands on my little girl so that she get well and live."

Jesus came here to help people like him.
So Jesus was like:
“Ok, let’s go.”

(3) But there was another lady wanted to be healed.
She tried many doctors for 12 years and spent all her money.
But no one could cure her.

But she loved her life.
So she didn’t give up.
Then she heard about Jesus.
(3) She thought if she touched the garment of Jesus, she would be clean and healed.

(3) But in those days, the Jewish religious law forbid her to touch anyone, when she had a bleeding problem.
If she touched another person, this another person became religiously unclean.

But she thought the pure faith of Jesus would rather cure her.
So she secretly came and touched the garment of Jesus.
Then according to her faith, she got healed.

At that very moment, Jesus felt someone got healed.
Someone touched his garment.
And his power went out.
(3) So Jesus turned around and asked:
"Who touched my robe?
Who was that?”

Jesus felt someone got healed.
And Jesus felt that person needed the completion of her healing.
Jesus wanted to make her healing complete.
So Jesus was looking for her.

(3) Then, she came out and explained:
“When I touched your robe of Jesus, I was healed.”
She was cured.
And Jesus was the doctor who cured her.

Then Jesus was like:
“Oh, daughter of God!
Your faith has healed you!
Go in peace.”

(3) Then some people came and said to Jairus:
“It is too late.
Your daughter is dead."

These people might not want this questionable Jesus, to come to the home of their religious leader.

(3) But Jesus calmly and gently says:
"Don't listen to them.
Just believe.”

Jesus was like:
“I am saying that your daughter will rise up.
I am going to wake her up.
Now whose words would you believe?”

Then Jesus goes after what he believed.
So Jairus followed his faith.

(3) Then, when they came to the home, some people were crying over the girl.
They were paid to cry over this girl so that the family could have a time of grief.

Then Jesus preached his faith.
Jesus was like:
"Why are you crying?
The child is just asleep!”

Then they laughed at him.
They laughed at his faith.
So Jesus asked them to leave.

(3) Then Jesus didn’t want to have any other bystanders.
Then Jesus chose these people:
Peter, James, John, and the mother and the father of the child.
At least, these people really wanted Jesus to heal this girl.

Then Jesus touched the hand of the child.
Jairus knew that people were not supposed to touch the dead, because if they touched, they were religiously unclean.

But Jesus touched the hand of the child and said:
"Little girl, time to get up!"

Jesus was gently waking this child up.
(3) Then she was up.
Then she walked around!

(3) Can you see the faith of Jesus in these stories?
Because of his faith, he saw new possibility in God.
He sees what God can do in our life.
Then he lives accordingly.

Jesus also gathers around those who dare to follow the faith of Jesus.
He gathers those who wish to learn from Jesus.
Then they experienced God’s works being done in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Can you see the faith of Jesus in your own life?
When we spend time with Jesus, we may also see new possibility and God’s plan for our lives, because his faith and thoughts are very contagious.

Jesus still sees new possibility in our life.
Jesus wants to create hope and new future for our life.
As we follow his faith, we may see the fulfillment of his faith for our lives.
May God help us to follow his faith and see this miracle happening in our life.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to believe and live according to your faith.
May we hear your words and know your plan.
May we follow your faith and see the fulfillment of your faith in our life.
In your name we pray.