John 6:1-21 (1)


Understand God’s way
Reading: John 6:1-21
Blanks: signs, buy, thanks, nothing, withdrew

(3) After healing the sick in God’s power and teaching people about God’s way, Jesus wanted to have a break.

(3) But the people were continually following him.
They wanted to watch him; listen to him and evaluate him.
They had never seen anyone like him.
So they didn’t want to go home.
They wanted more of Jesus.

But Jesus was getting tired.
He wanted to have a break.
So I'm this time, he tried to go up to a mountain.
But many people were following him there.

Then, Jesus thought that these people must be very hungry.
So Jesus wanted to feed them.
(3) Then Jesus asked one of his students Philip who was from these area.
“Where shall we buy enough bread for these people?”

(3) Philip was like:
“Do we have enough money for that?
It would take more than half a year’s wages!”

(3) Then there was a boy who heard what Jesus said.
Then this boy wanted to give his lunch to Jesus.

Andrew, another disciple of Jesus, heard about this boy.
Then, he felt that he should bring this boy to Jesus.
He had a gift of bringing right people to Jesus.
(3) So Andrew was like:
“Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish.”

Barley loaves were the cheapest in those days.
These fishes might have been very small pickled fishes or sardines.
(3) Then Jesus was like:
“That is enough.
Let the people sit down.”
Then about five thousand men sat down.
Then there were also women and children sat down.

(3) Then Jesus might have prayed like this in Hebrew:
“Blessed are you, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who brings forth bread from the earth.”

(3) Then Jesus let his students distribute them as much as they wanted.

Then Jesus gave thanks for the fish and gave to them.
Then everyone had plenty to eat.

Jesus is interested in feeding his own people.
In fact, Jesus is interested in feeding all the people of every generation.
Jesus is interested in every people who was, who is and who is to come.

Jesus is also interested in feeding them with God’s words so that they may live according to God’s words.

But anyway God is interested in feeding people.
(3) So, even today, God is using his people to feed others.
For example:
God has been helping people like Dr, Kim Soon Kwon to develop a better way to grow corn and develop new kind of hybrid corns.
Then people were able to harvest 90% more.
Then he was able to help South Korea to grow corn better.
Then he was able to help Nigeria to grow corn better.
He was able to help North Korea and so on.

(3) God is also using people like you are me to feed others, through the Salvation Army Soup kitchen and Bethesda House of Schenectady.
Some of you have been part of this mission.
May God continually bless you to feed others.

(3) Let’s think about this this boy.
He gave to Jesus, what he had.
Jesus blessed and used what he had and helped thousands of people.
Then he also received even greater amounts.
Sometimes, this kind of miracles happens in our life.

(3) Jesus multiplied the food and fed thousands of people because they were hungry in this remote place.
Then, Jesus said to his disciples:
“Gather the leftovers.
Let’s not waste it.”
Jesus would not waste what God has given.
Even though there was plenty, Jesus didn't want to waste.

(3) Then people wanted more.
Then instead of seeking God’s will, or the will of Jesus, they were like:
“Hey, Jesus must be the Prophet whom we are waiting for.
Let’s make him our king.
And let him feed his own nation.”
That was what they wanted, not what God wanted.

(3) As for Jesus, multiplying food was not difficult.
But helping them to understand God was difficult.
Helping them to understand God’s way of thinking was difficult.
Helping them to understand God’s intention was difficult.
Helping them to agree with God’s plan was difficult.
Helping them to have God inside of them was difficult.
Helping them to understand that God has another plan was difficult.

(3) Before starting his public ministry, Jesus learned something in the desert.
Now, he wanted to teach this to these people.
As you know, Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights in the desert.
(3) There he was tempted to miraculously turn the stone into bread.
But he learned that God wanted something else.
Then he said:
“Human being shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”
Then, he continually fasted and lived according to God’s will.
Jesus learned at the desert that he needed to choose to do God’s will, having all the power he had.

(3) Since then, Jesus tried to follow the will of God and tried to teach other people to understand God and follow God’s plan for their lives.
So after feeding them, Jesus asked them to go home and think about all this.

(2) Then Jesus went to a mountain by himself. (John 6:15)
There he rested awhile.
Jesus had a break from his ministry.
He rested alone.

(3) Jesus is the king of the universe.
Jesus is God.
Jesus has many angels working for him.
Jesus didn’t need to be their king.
Instead, Jesus wants them to become part of his heavenly Kingdom.

(3) Maybe resting like this, Jesus was saying to them in spirit:
“I want you to be kings and queens and live like me.
I pray that you may understand God and live in God’s way.
I pray that you may live my life.”

(3) Jesus is living in the way of God.
So God is visible through him.
God can teach people through him.
God can feed people through him.
God can love people through him.

If we understand God, and join God and do what God is doing, God will also make God’s self known through us.
That would be the joy of God.
That would be the miracles of God.
Hopefully, this miracle happen in our life.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to understand you and live your life.
Help us to understand your mind.
Protect our mind so that we may also understand God in the right way and live your life.
In Jesus name, we pray.