Mark 6:1-13 (5)


Jesus and his hometown people
Reading: Mark 6:1-13
K-hymns: 492, 489
Blanks: teach, prophet, send, welcome, leave

(3) The Bible is not interested in telling how Jesus lived when he was a child. Because he was just like anybody else.
Jesus was not much different from his friends.
When he was young, Jesus was not very different.
Jesus was not known as the smartest and wisest young man in the village.
Jesus had just a normal relationship with his friends and with his family.

That is, Jesus didn’t use his divine power very much.
Jesus didn’t share his divine wisdom very much with his people.
It is even possible that Jesus didn’t speak very much.

Then, just like anybody else, he also had a job.
He was trained to be a carpenter.
Then he became a local handyman.
Jesus was good at making things, building things and fixing things.
So his hometown people hired him when they needed to fix their home and build something up.
Then doing this kind of work, he earned his living and supported his mother and family.

(3) But when Jesus knew he was the Messiah, the Christ, and God, he was different.
When Jesus received the Holy Spirit, he was totally different.
Then Jesus started his public ministry.
He preached God's messages.
He performed God's miracles in Israel.

(3) Then his hometown people didn’t know what to think of him.
They heard Jesus was a miracle worker in Galilee.
They heard Jesus was challenging the Jewish religious leaders.
So they worried about him.
But some of his hometown people even thought Jesus had lost his mind.

(3) Then one day, Jesus came to his hometown people and preached to them.
His hometown people were amazed at his message.
(3) But then they were like:
"Where did he get all these?
Listen to his wisdom!
See all his miracles!”

(3) But still in their mind, Jesus was their handyman who could fix their home.
And they could not believe that this handyman was the Messiah.
So they doubted him and his works.

(2) They could not believe that God became a man and dwelt among them.
They could not believe that God became their neighbor and was their handyman and now is their Messiah.
They didn’t believe.
They didn’t understand.

But still Jesus cured a few people and then left them.
When they refused to believe, Jesus just left them alone.
Like this a good opportunity passed them by.

(3) Jesus who is God left for other villages and helped other people.
Jesus didn’t stop and pause his ministry because his hometown people could not believe in him.
No, he just left and moved on.

(3) Then he helped other people.
He healed many people.
Many people believed in him.
So Jesus helped them to live according to God's will.

(3) His hometown people knew a bit about the human side of Jesus.
But they were not able to understand or refused to believe in the divinity of Jesus.

But other people got to know his human side and the divine side of Jesus.
Then they believed in him.
They listened, and learned that Jesus is God.
They followed Jesus as he taught them God’s way of living.
Then they also was able to help other people to believe in Jesus.

(3) In those days, some religious teachers or Rabbi traveled with his students to teach other villages.
Jesus also traveled with his students to teach other villages.
They all left their hometown to follow Jesus.
They all left their friends and family to follow him.
Then without worrying about what their friends and family would think of them, they just focused on practicing what Jesus had taught them

Through these teaching and miracles, Jesus opened their mind to understand God.
Jesus asked them to simplify their life and seek the kingdom of God.
Jesus asked them to simplify their life and move on with God's plan.
Because that was their calling in life.

(3) Then when they were ready, Jesus decided to speed up the process.
Jesus gave his students the heavenly power.
Jesus was like:
"I am going to give you my power so that you may do what I do.”
Then Jesus sent them, two by two to preach, and make people well.

(3) In the Middle East, people had a great hospitality for those who traveled or for those who passed by their village.
So Jesus could ask his students something like this:
"Keep moving.
Keep reaching out.
Keep traveling.
Don't take anything for the journey: no bread, no bag, no money.
And keep things very simple.
Because God will be with you in this journey.
God will provide everything.

“So when you enter a village, if some people welcome you and listen to you and invite you to stay, then stay there until you leave that town.

“But if the people of that village don’t understand you, and didn’t want to know more about the truth, then stop trying but leave that town.
Keep moving to next town.
Keep reaching out.
Keep traveling."

So they went out teaching people to follow the way of God.
They drove out evil spirits.
They anointed the sick with oil and healed them.

(2) After this, they went to new locations and did the same.
They saw what Jesus did.
So they did the same.
They were doing the ministry of Jesus, because God had called them to do this ministry.

(3) Then one day, they might have went to their own hometown and shared the faith of Jesus.
Then, their hometown people might have believed in Jesus.

(3) Maybe, Jesus was also thinking:
“If I am helping many, many people, maybe these people can help my hometown people to believe in me.”

(3) We can imagine that during his three years of ministry, his hometown people heard about Jesus and his followers.
They talked about Jesus and what Jesus was doing.
Then some of them might have realized that Jesus was the Messiah.
Some of them might have realized that Jesus is God.

(3) In various forms Jesus asks us to continue this kind of journey of Jesus.
So Jesus may ask us to keep traveling and keep reaching out.
Jesus may ask us to move to new location.
Jesus may ask us to move with the Holy Spirit.
Jesus may ask us to leave our old friends and find new friends.
Jesus may ask us to begin anew.
Find a new family of God.

Jesus may try to bring two people together to reach out more people.
Jesus may try to use us to help other people to believe and follow the way of Jesus.
As Jesus work in us like this, we may be changed.
We may be changed and understand Jesus.

If God helps you to spend time with Jesus and believe in Jesus, and if God helps you to love God, then you may be able to do this kind of ministry.
Jesus will empower you to preach his message.
Jesus will empower you to start something new.
God will empower you to move with Jesus and do his ministry.
May this miracle happen in our life.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for your ministry.
Thank you for helping us to do your ministry through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Help us to follow you and live according to your will.
Help us to live in your way experiencing your power.
In Jesus name, we pray.