Mark 6:30-34, 53-56 (1)


Come and rest
Reading: Mark 6:30-34
Blanks: quiet, rest, teaching, went

(1) You heard that Jesus taught his students to teach others.
You heard that Jesus trained his disciples to go out and teach others.
You heard that Jesus trusted that they could teach and heal people.

(3) So, the disciples went out to teach people and heal people like Jesus.
Then they came back and told Jesus that they were able to do the ministry of Jesus.

(3) Then Jesus wanted his students to rest and relax.
This was the rhythm that he wanted to teach them.
They need to serve God and rest before God.

(3) But many people followed them, because they heard their teaching.
They liked to hang out with Jesus and his disciples.

(3) So Jesus said to his disciples something like this:
“Let’s get away from here.
Let’s find a quiet place to rest.”

Jesus determined to teach them this rhythm of serving God and resting before God.
This resting is a very important part of his ministry.

(3) You may think that Jesus was workaholic.
You may think that Jesus was always on the mission and ministry.
(3) Jesus knew how to have a rest.
Jesus knew how to rest alone.

(3) You may think that Jesus always prayed very hard.
You may think that Jesus didn’t sleep very much.
You may think that Jesus prayed alone on a mountain all the nights.

(3) But I hope that you can also imagine Jesus rested alone.
I hope that you can imagine that Jesus had a good time of resting and praying.

(3) This Jesus wanted to find a quiet place to rest for his disciples.
So they sailed by boat leaving other people to find a quiet place.

(3) But people would not let them go.
They realized that Jesus was very special.
He was something.
So they ran ahead and told other people where Jesus was going.
So, when Jesus arrived to the other side, many people were waiting for him.

(1) When Jesus saw these people, he saw that they were like sheep that needed the Shepherd to lead them and guide them.
They like sheep who wanted to Jesus in their life.
They wanted to find rest for their souls through Jesus the Christ.

But even though Jesus tried to have his students to rest quietly, Jesus realized that he has to postpone that plan.
Then Jesus started to teach them because Jesus is their shepherd.

(3) But that was not the original idea of Jesus for his students.
For his students, Jesus really wanted them to rest:

(3) In fact in the Bible, Jesus even said: (Matthew 11:28-30)
“Come to me.
I will give you rest.
Learn from me.
Then you will find rest for your souls.”

(3) I am sure that you are not like that.
But there are some people who don’t know how to rest.
They always work, work and work.
In fact, this mentality of overworking is prevalent in our society.

(3) So even when they want to know more of God, they try to work and work and work to get to know more of God.
They tried to pray early morning for 40 days and tried to attend overnight prayer services.
They tried to fast.
They tried to read the Bible without giving themselves a time of resting.
But without resting, they could not go very far.

(3) If they learn to rest before God, they may learn of God better.
They may learn how much God loves them and wants to be part of their life.

(3) This is true also in sports.
For example, one time, a figure skater Yuna Kim used to struggle because she had practiced too much.
Then because of it, she often fell and got hurt and so on.
She didn’t give herself enough rest.
So her trainer taught her to practice less and practice more efficiently.
Then she didn’t get hurt very often and was able to perform better.

(3) I got a phone call awhile ago.
This person was not a member of this church.
This person had a prayer request that was very important for her.
Then after some conversation, in her desperateness, she asked:
“Should I fast and pray?
What should I do?”
She wanted to do something as if only then God would answer her prayer.

But God is not like that.
God already loves her and is ready to help her.
So I said:
Just try to get to know God.
Try to get to know who Jesus is.
That is all.”

(3) God already said in the Bible:
“Be still and know that I am God.”
What does it means?
(3) To those who always try to work, work, work, God was like:
“Let me do some work.
Invite me to work for you.
Allow me to work for you while you rest.
I can do a lot of things without your help.
So I invite you to rest.
Rest for God.”

When I didn’t know how to serve God, I heard God saying this to me many times.
When we don’t know how to serve God, we may hear this from God.

Some people seems to think that in order to serve God, they need to work harder.
Then sometimes, they got tired and burnout.

(3) But the message of Jesus was like this: Matthew 11:28-30
“Come to me.
I will give you rest.
Learn from me.
You will find rest for your souls.”

Here is our last example.
(3) Have you heard about Mother Teresa?
She was serving the sick and the poor, for God in India.
She believed that God had called her to do that ministry.

But one time she was not able to do this ministry because she got sick very often.
Then one day a nurse-practitioner asked her to learn to rest regularly.
The nurse said:
“Without resting regularly, without giving yourself a good rest, you will not be able to do this ministry very long.”
Through this nurse, God was saying to her to rest more often.
So she learn to rest more often.
Then she was able to serve God and serve people continually.

(3) Jesus is not saying to us:
“Work for me.”
Jesus is saying to us:
“I invite you to work with me so that you may learn of me.”

So if you want to serve God, or if you are serving God, I hope that you know how to rest before God.
I hope that you you allow God to work in your life.
Then God may be able to use you continually.

(3) I know you guys are busy.
So I want to know:
How do you rest?
What helps you to rest?
Do you know how to rest alone?
Do you know how to rest in the power of God?
Do you know how to work and rest in a good proportion?

I pray that you learn to rest so that you may be able to work with God and rest in God continually.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for helping us to rest in you.
Help us to rest in God, and learn to live quietly before God.

Thank you for helping us to do your work.
May we learn to do you work and learn to rest with you.
Help us to rest in God, and trust in God.

In this way, may we have a good relationship with you.
In this may, may we live our life before you.
May we live a good life with you. (Isaiah 32:17)
In Jesus name, we pray.