John 6:24-35 (2)


Through Jesus, God feed us
Reading: John 6:24-35
Blanks: Capernaum, endures, believe, life, believes

(3) Last week we heard about what happened after Jesus performed a miracle of feeding thousands.
After the miracle, people wanted Jesus to be their king, because he could feed them miraculously.
But Jesus just dismissed them.

(3) Next morning, they started to search for Jesus.
Then they found Jesus at Capernaum.
Then they thought that they could eat the food like yesterday.
Then they wanted more of that kind of food.

(3) But today, Jesus wanted to teach them about the spiritual food that they needed to eat to have spiritual life, heavenly life, eternal life.

(3) So Jesus said something like this to them:
“You are searching for the food that you ate yesterday.
But today let’s talk about the food that gives you eternal life.
I can give you the food that gives you eternal life, because God has approved of me."

(3) So they asked:
"What do we need to do to do that words that God requires?
What is God’s requirement?"
They thought Jesus was asking them to do something to get this food.
They might have thought that they needed to do something to get from God.
They thought if they did what God asked, they could have this food from God.

(3) But Jesus was like:
"It is very simple and profound.
The work of God is this: believe in me whom God has sent.
Believe in me because God has sent me."

(3) Then they turned around 180 degrees.
They were like:
"Then perform some miracles.
Then we will think about it and believe you.
You know, a thousand years ago, our ancestors ate the manna in the desert.
Moses gave them in the desert.
Can you do this?
Can you give this food everyday.”

(3) Jesus was like:
"Moses didn't give you that bread.
God gave you the true bread from heaven:
God’s bread gives life to the world.”

(3) Then they were like:
“OK, OK.
Give us this bread."

(3) Then Jesus was like:
"I am the bread of life.
Those who come to me will never go hungry.
Those who believe in me will never be thirsty.
God is offering me so that you may have eternal life.”

(3) Then they were like:
“What are you talking about?
How can you be our bread?
That is impossible.”
Then they left.
They went home to eat their own food.

(4) Today, Jesus determined to teach them about the spiritual food that gives the heavenly life.
This is the food of heaven.

(3) Yesterday Jesus gave them food because they followed Jesus without caring about whether they had food or not.
Yesterday, as for them, being with Jesus was very important.

(3) But today as for them, eating became more important than understanding Jesus.
So they wanted Jesus to use his power and feed them everyday.

(3) But today Jesus is here to give new food for the eternal life.
They need the living bread who is Jesus.
So Jesus would give of himself so that they could have this eternal life.
Jesus wants to help them to believe in him so that they have eternal life.

(3) So Jesus was like:
"Eat me.
You cannot have eternal life without eating of me.
You cannot have eternal life without believing of me.
So eat me.
Believe in me.
I am your spiritual food."

(3) If they believe in him, they can understand God and even become like God and have God’s character and kindness.
For this mystery, Jesus gave his life for many.

(3) When people believe in him, then they say:
Yes, Jesus speaks to us.
Jesus heals our mind and body.
Jesus provides the right kind of thinking.
Jesus helps us become kind and gentle.
Jesus spiritually empowers us. .

(1) But then how can we believe in Jesus?
We become a believer of him, when we do these things.
We read about him.
We hear about him.
We think about him.
We meditate on him.
We talk about him.
We try to understand him.
In this way, we become a believer of Jesus in the right way.

(3) How can we go on believing in Jesus?
We go on believing in Jesus by putting Jesus first in our life.

(3) God also puts Jesus first, because as for God, Jesus is everything.
As for God, Jesus is the most important person in the world.
Jesus is more important than everything that God created.
In fact, God created everything through Jesus the Christ.
Then even today God is creating good things through Jesus the Christ.
So we find all the good things through Jesus the Christ.
We find inner peace through Jesus the Christ.
You find inner healing through Jesus the Christ.
You find spiritual freedom and joy through Jesus the Christ.

(3) So God is asking people to love Jesus more than food.
God is asking people to love him more than money.
God is asking people to love him more than anything else.

A songwriter got this message.
Then she wrote this song.
(3) Lord you are more precious than silver.
Lord you are more costly than gold.
Lord you are more beautiful than diamond.
Nothing I desire compare with you.

(3) Then I may add:
Jesus, you are more precious than Mother Teresa.
Jesus, you are more important than all the ministry of the church.
Jesus, you are more important than all the ministry for the poor.
Jesus, you are more important than anything that we do here.
Nothing can be even compared with you.

(3) In your life, in various ways, God will say these words over and over and over:
“Talk about Jesus.
Believing in Jesus.
Put Jesus first in your life.
Eat Jesus.
Love Jesus.”

God will say these things over and over.
May you hear and accept this invitation and go on believing, putting Jesus first in your life.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, you are the number one.
Help us to believe in you.
We believe in you.
We want to believe in you.
You are our living bread for eternal life.
Thank you for guiding our life.
Thank you for helping us live according to your will.
In Jesus name, we pray.