Mark 5: 1-20; 7:31-37


Tell the story of God’s love
Reading: Mark 5: 1-20, Mark 7:31-37
Object: A bottle of old soda

(3) Today we are going to have a look at two healing stories of Jesus.
Both happened in the area called Decapolis.
Let’s read these stories.

First story goes like this.
(1) Let’s read together: Mark 5: 1-20

(3) Jesus came here by boat.
(4) Then Jesus cured the man that people thought hopeless.
Then Jesus asked the man to go to Decapolis and tell people about what Jesus has done.
So he told them about what Jesus had done to him.
Then, many people might have believed in Jesus because he told everyone what happened spiritually.

This place, Decapolis was not a Jewish place.
But they all spoke in the Aramaic language.
In those days they and Jewish people spoke in Aramaic.
So, they understood each other.

Sometimes later, Jesus came here again.
(3) Let’s read together to know what happened: Mark 7:31-37

(3) When Jesus came here for the second time, some people in Decapolis immediately thought about a person.
This person was not able to speak and hear well.
They thought this man needed a miracle.
So they brought this man asking Jesus to heal him.
Jesus was like:
“Why not.”
Then Jesus healed the man so that he could speak and hear so well.

But then here is something different about this healing.
Last time when Jesus cured a man, he asked him to go and tell what God has done for him.
(#) This time, Jesus cured a man and said to them not to tell anyone.
What is the difference?
This man could talk now.
People wanted to hear him.
They wanted to ask:
“How could he cure you like this?”

Then they went to their town and told everyone about this.
They could not stop talking about it.

(2) It is like this: (Shake the bottle of old soda.)
Have you shaken a pop bottle and open it?
What happened?
It goes all over.
That's what happened.

They enjoyed talking about Jesus and this man.
Even though Jesus asked them not talk about this, it was too difficult not to talk about this.

Now there might be some reasons that Jesus told them not to talk about this.
(3) Why do you think that Jesus asked them not to talk about this?

Maybe Jesus wanted something more than a simple excitement.
Jesus wanted them to have a spiritual understanding of what happened.
(3) Maybe, Jesus wanted them to truly understand.
Jesus wanted them to understand the spiritual meaning of this healing.
Maybe Jesus wanted them to see more clearly and really see.
If they really saw, they would wanted to be with Jesus.

(3) Or Jesus maybe be saying that their intention of bringing this man was not right.
Jesus cured the man.
But it was not right.
The ministry of Jesus was not a circus.

It is the manifestation of God’s love.
Nothing more, nothing less.

If they can see that, they can tell the story.
Then they can help other people to understand the true meaning of this story.

(2) Maybe Jesus knew this man didn’t want to be part of a public show.
So Jesus cured this man being away from everyone.

Maybe this person was extremely introvert and a very shy person.
So Jesus wanted to heal this man in a very private way.
Jesus dealt with him very gently.

Maybe that is why Jesus told them not to tell anyone.

And again, his miracle is not a show.
Jesus was just helping one person at a time.
And when Jesus wanted to help someone, he really wanted to help that person.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Our ministry should be like that because each person is very important in God’s eyes.
We can help one person at a time.
That is enough for God.

(3) For this kind of ministry, Jesus trained his disciples.
He spent three years with them.
He gave them opportunities to speak for him.
He died for them,
He rose back up for them.
He gave the Holy Spirit to them.
Then Jesus sent them to do this unique ministry of God.
Jesus sent them various places.
Then they went and told the story of Jesus.
Because they understood about God’s love, they could tell the story.
Then people understood that Jesus is the manifestation of God’s love.

Now Jesus is trying to help us understand this God of love and tell the story of God’s love.
Sometimes, we need to do this one person at a time.
Sometimes, we need to pray for one person at a time.
Sometimes, Jesus is trying to help us to share his love and tell his story to one person at a time.
May we be available for this kind of ministry.
Then may God miracle happened in our life.

Lets’ pray:
Jesus, thank you for coming into our life and heal our life.
May we learn of your love enough so that we may also tell your story of love.
In Jesus’ name, we pray.