Mark 10: 46-52 (1)


Jesus can heal
Reading: Mark 10: 46-52
Blanks: mercy, Call, faith, healed

(3) Today we saw a person who made a living begging from other people.
He had his own spot where many people passed by.
Some gave him money.
Some gave him food.

But still he was living in a poor condition.
But we know his name.
His name was Bartimaeus.
He was a Jewish man who lived about two thousand years ago in Jericho.
Many priests and Levites were living there.
So he could have been a levite.

But Bartimaeus could not work in the temple, because he was blind.
And in those days, there were not much work available for the blind.
No farm would hire him.
Even if he were a levite, he could work in the temple.

So, everyday he sat at a street corner and beg from the people who passed by.

But since he was able to speak and listen, Bartimaeus heard about Jesus.
He listened carefully when people talked about Jesus.
He was very interested in Jesus.
He heard about what Jesus said.
He heard about many miracles Jesus performed.
He heard how Jesus healed so many people.

Then Bartimaeus started to have faith in Jesus.
He was able to see with the eyes of faith.
He could see God was very pleased with Jesus.
He could see Jesus is the Messiah, the King who was sent by God.
He had faith.
So, he could see clearly who Jesus is.
Jesus is the Son of God.
So Bartimaeus loved to hear more about Jesus.

(2) He heard Jesus was still visiting many cities.
Then one day, he heard Jesus was passing by the city where Bartimaeus was.
Then someone told him that Jesus and his disciples were passing him by right now.
O my God!!!

(3) Then Bartimaeus began to shout something like this:
“Jesus, son of David, my King, have mercy on me!
Help me, my king.”
He was shouting and shouting.

But some people asked him to be quiet, because they could not see what Bartimaeus saw in faith.
They could not see that Jesus could heal Bartimaeus.
So they were like:
“Stop it.
That is no use.
Be quiet.”

But he was like:
"Are you kidding?
Jesus is passing me by.
I believe that Jesus could heal me.
I believe that Jesus could open my eyes.”
Bartimaeus saw this was possible.

So, he shouted all the more:
“My King, the Messiah, have mercy on me!”
He asked.
He asked in faith.
In fact, he prayed!

Jesus could see that this was an expression of faith.
Jesus heard his faith.
So Jesus wanted to see him.
So, people brought Bartimaeus to Jesus.

(4) Jesus was like:
“What do you want me to do for you?”

Bartimaeus was like:
“Teacher, I want to see!
Jesus, open my eyes.”
He made his request known to Jesus.
Bartimaeus gave Jesus permission to work miracle in his life.

Then Jesus said:
“Your faith has healed you!”

Then Bartimaeus saw Jesus, the King.
Then he followed the Messiah into Jerusalem.
(2) He followed the way of Jesus.
And he was part of the ministry of Jesus.

The writer of the gospel of Mark, mentioned his name, Bartimaeus.
He usually didn’t mentioned the name of the person who was healed.
But he mentioned the name, Bartimaeus.
What does it mean?

Maybe he was saying:
“I know this man.
You know this man, don’t you?
Bartimaeus was a good church member.
He talked about what Jesus had done for him.
And he shared his testimony.
And people got to know Jesus because of him.
Bartimaeus also shared the story of Jesus.
I know this person, Bartimaeus.”

So Mark might have known him personally.
And many people might have believed in Jesus because of his witness.

Now we heard about what Jesus did two thousand years ago.
This story teaches us what Jesus could do in our life.
This story teaches us about what we could expect from Jesus.
This story helps us to hope.
This story encourages us to pray believing a miracle.

(3) This story encourages us to say:
“With Jesus, all things are possible.”
Bartimaeus believed in this.
So Bartimaeus asked Jesus.
And we know what happened to Bartimaeus.

I hope that we also believe that with Jesus, all things are possible.
I hope that we have enough faith to ask Jesus to heal those whom you love.
I hope that we believe that Jesus could still heal people.
I hope that believe that Jesus could answer our prayer as well.

Then prayer is a great treasure.
Through prayer, we can talk to God and listen to God.
We can experience God and what God can do for us.
We all need this experience.
Then we may also share the story of Jesus because we have experienced it.

So I want to you encourage you to pray today.
Pray for someone who needs a healing.
Pray for someone who needs God’s help and God’s miracles.
Pray for yourself if you need a miracle in your own life.
Let’s pray and let’s make our request known to God.
We are going to pray all together.
Then at the end, I will close us in prayer.
Let’s pray.

Jesus, thank you for listening to our prayer.
Thank you for interested in our life.
Give us faith to pray.
Help us to trust you with our life.
Help us to focus on you and pray in faith as you provides all our needs.
Then may we experience you in our life.
Then may we share the story of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.
We pray this in Jesus name.