Mark 13:1-8 (1)


Eternal temples of God
Reading: Mark 13:1-8
Additional reading: Daniel 12:1-3
Blanks: great, Olives, deceive, kingdom

If you go to Israel today, you will see no Jewish temple in Jerusalem.
A long time ago, there were different Jewish temples on Mount Jerusalem.
But anymore.
Both of those Jewish temples were destroyed.

Now let’s learn a little bit more about those temples.

About 4000 years ago, God freed Jewish people from Egypt, from the hands of Pharaoh.
God freed them and guided them to live a different life.
Then God asked them to build the tabernacle of God at Mount Sinai

God asked them to build this temple to explain who Jesus is and why Jesus would die for them later.
Before sending Jesus, God wanted people to be ready for Jesus.

Anyway, in the desert, the Jewish people carried this tabernacle wherever they went.
This tabernacle was a sign that God was with them.
This tabernacle was also the center of everything.
It was the center of their religious life.
It was the center of their community life.

Then a thousand years later, King David moved this tabernacle to Jerusalem.
There he had his palace.
But he realized that God was living in this tent, tabernacle.
He thought that was not fair.
So, he wanted to build a temple for God.

But God said: not David, but his son Solomon should build a temple.
So David prepared all the materials that needed to build the temple.
Then his son, King Solomon built the first temple for God.

Now as for God, this temple explained the ministry of Jesus, who would come to earth later.

In the meantime, people worshiped God and prayed to God here at the Temple.
Many Jewish people came here to worship God and be forgiven of their sins.

But not many years after that, Solomon started to disobey God.
He didn’t obey what God said.
He was not following God’s way.
He didn’t listen to God.
He didn't love God.
Then he made many wrong choices for his nation.
Then about 400 years later, the Babylonian empire occupied their land and and destroyed this temple: 586 BC.

But God still loved Jewish people.
God wanted them to understand Jesus when he came.
So about 70 years later, God allowed Jewish people to rebuild the Second Temple of God: (516 BC - 70 AD)
It was much smaller than the first one.
So about 20 BC, King Herod expanded and renovated this temple to look better.

When Jesus started his public ministry, Jesus came to this second temple.
Jesus confronted Jewish religious leaders for misusing the Temple.
Jesus said that they didn't obey God’s will for this temple.

So Jesus tried to help them understand God.
Jesus understood that God gave this temple to prepare them for his coming.
Jesus is the true temple of God that has come.

But they were not interested in understanding this.
Their minds and thoughts were far away from this.
The just wanted to use this temple to continually make money.
They wanted to use this temple like before.
They didn’t understand how to serve God.
Then the more Jesus challenged them, the more they wanted to get rid of Jesus.

Then a few days before his death, Jesus visited this temple again.
Jesus tried to help people obey God and listen to God.
Jesus knew this second temple would be destroyed.

But that day, when he was leaving the temple, one of his disciples said to Jesus:
“Teacher, look how huge those stones are!
What beautiful buildings!”

Jesus was like:
“Do you see all these great buildings?
Every stone will be thrown down to the ground.
Not one stone will be left on another.”

The students of Jesus was shocked and could not speak.
Then they just walked with Jesus and ended up on the Mount of Olives.
In the Mount Olives, they could see always the whole temple.

Peter, James, John and Andrew asked Jesus privately:
“Tell us, when will these things happen?
What will be the sign that they are about to happen?”

Jesus was like:
“Be careful!
Many people will come and use my name.
They will say, ‘I am the Messiah.’
Then they will fool many people.

"Nation will fight nation.
Ruler will fight ruler.
Earthquakes will happen.
There will be famines.
But don’t be afraid.
These things must happen.
These things are only the beginning of troubles, before the end time.”

Long story short, the temple was destroyed in AD 70, about 40 years after this conversation.
Since then, there was no Jewish temple in Jerusalem until today.

Now you know that Jesus gave the Holy Spirit to his students.
Then the Bible is saying that they are the temple of God:
Because the Holy Spirit dwells within them. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)
So each one of them is a temple of God.

Likewise, the Spirit of Jesus dwells in you.
So you are the temple of the living God: 2 Corinthians 6:16-17.
God walks with you.
God is your God.
You are his people.
You are holy and set apart.
That is what you are: 1 Corinthians 3:16-17.

Now being the temple of God, what do we need to do?
We allow God to use this temple for his purpose.
Jesus became our sacrifice once for all.
When Jesus died on the cross, Jesus became our sacrifice.
Our job is to repent and return to God.

Since we are the temple of God, we worship God.
We know God is with us.
So we listen and obey.
We follow God’s good will by the help of the Holy Spirit.
We want to do God’s will.
We want to show who God is in the power of the Holy Spirit.

May the Holy Spirit continually work through us.
May the Holy Spirit do good works through us.
May we continually allow God to use us. (John 10: 27)
May we help many people get to know Jesus.
May God use us forever.

Let's pray:
Jesus, thank you for loving us so much.
Thank you for making us as God’s temple.
Thank you for dwelling in us.
Thank you for speaking through us.
Thank you for loving us.
Help us to listen, discern, and understand and live your holy life.
In Jesus name, we pray.