Jesus according to the Gospel of John 1


Jesus according to the Gospel of John 1
Reading: John 6: 51-58
Blanks: heaven, forever, eternal life, feeds on me

Do you know how many gospels are in the Bible?
Today, let’s have a look at the gospel of John.
Shall we?

When John was writing his gospel, he knew that there were many gospels already written by many people.
John might have also read the gospel of Mark, the gospel of Matthew and the gospel of Luke.

(3) So, John didn’t need to tell those stories that people already knew.
So he chose a few stories that people might not know.
Then he explained them in detail.
So, let’s have a look at this gospel of John.
Shall we?

(2) When we open the gospel of John, we read John 1:1.
Here John is saying that Jesus is the Word of God.
But as you know John wrote this gospel in Greek.
In Greek, John was saying that Jesus is logos.
What does it mean?
Jesus is God’s logic.
Jesus is God's wisdom through which God creates the world.

It may mean Jesus is the reason of God.
Jesus is the reason why God created the world.

Then John also said that Jesus is God.
Then John explains in his gospel that Jesus has God’s wisdom and knowledge.
So in this gospel, Jesus understands everything even before people tell him anything.
And in this gospel when Jesus speaks, things happen.

In this gospel, Jesus performed 7 miracles or 7 signs.
Through these miracles, John explains who Jesus is.

(2) For example, Jesus multiplied food.
People already know that.
But then John explains the meaning of this miracle.
What is it?
John connects this miracle with the Lord’s Supper:
Then John says that it is the Lord’s Supper.

So right after this miracle, Jesus said in John 6: 51-58:
“I am the living bread that came down from heaven.
Whoever eats this bread will live forever.
This bread is my flesh, which I give for the life of the world.”

(3) In this gospel, Jesus had long conversations with people.
For example, Jesus talks with Nicodemus, Samaritan woman, Martha, Peter and so on.
Through these conversations, Jesus gave important lessons.

(3) For example, Jesus talked with Nicodemus: John 3:1-21
What does Jesus explain in this conversation?
Jesus explained the Holy Spirit.
Jesus explained that Nicodemus needed to have a good relationship with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit will open up his eyes and give him a spiritual birth.
The Holy Spirit will open his eyes to see the movement of God.
Then he will understand what Jesus is trying to do.

People need to be led by the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit understands God.
The Holy Spirit guides and empowers people to live according to God’s will.

(3) Then in this conversation, we read the most famous verse in the Bible.
Jesus said to Nicodemus: John 3: 16
“God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

God so loved the world.
God’s love is very important in this gospel.
John wrote this gospel to explain God’s love.

John also explained the feminine side of Jesus.
John explained the emotional side of Jesus.
For example, John told this story in John 11 and 12.

(3) Martha and Mary sent a messenger to Jesus to say like:
“Lord, Lazarus, the one you love is sick.
Please come and help us.”
But then after a few days, Lazarus had died.

(2) When Jesus got there, he felt their sorrow.
So Jesus cried together with them: John 11:35.
Because those who he loved cried, he could not help but to cry with them.

Have you ever seen some people cry because the one whom she loves cry?
Jesus cried, because he felt what they felt.

(3) But then Jesus said:
"I am the resurrection and life."
(3) To prove that, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

In this gospel we also see how much Jesus cared for people: John 20:1-18.
Here is an example.
It was when Jesus rose from the death.
(3) Mary was crying because she didn’t know that Jesus rose from the dead.

As Mary was crying, Jesus sent some angels to talk with her.
But they couldn’t do a thing, because Mary was not interested in talking with angels at the moment.
Mary just had to see Jesus.
So Mary cried continually.
She was crying so bad.

But at this time, Jesus was going to see God the Father.
Maybe Jesus was going to the Father to have the perfect resurrected body.

But then Jesus could not take it anymore.
Just because she was crying so bad.
So Jesus had to come and meet her.

Then when Jesus met her, Jesus asked Mary not to touch him or hold on to him, because he had to go and see his Father first.
Jesus was meeting her when he was not ready to meet her yet.

Then Jesus asked her to go and tell his students about his resurrection.
So she did.

Then later when Jesus came to his students, then Jesus was ready.
He asked them touch his hands and sides.

(2) In this gospel, Peter denied Jesus three times: John 21:1-19.
Since he denied three times, was he still a disciple of Jesus?

So Jesus came gently to restore the faith of Peter.
Then Jesus asked Peter:
“Do you love me?”
This is a loaded question, you know?

Peter answered:
“Yes, I love you.”

(4) Jesus asked two more times:
“Do you love me?”

Then Jesus gently says to him something like this:
“God will still use you.
You are his servant.
God will help you to serve my people.”

(3) John wrote this gospel to explain how gently Jesus loved people.
John wrote in this gospel the story of love.
John hoped that everyone would understand this love of God that is seen in the life of Jesus.

In this gospel, John never said that his name was John.
Instead, John was like:
“I am the one whom Jesus loves.
Are you the one whom Jesus loves?
Yes, you are.”

(4) Maybe John say to us today like this:
“I want you to have eternal life.
So I want you to know Jesus.
Jesus is also our salvation.
Jesus is our center.

What does it mean in a practical senses?
“When your mind is all over the places, when you wonder yourself ‘why do I feel like this? I don’t want to feel like this,’ then in that moment, remember Jesus.
Say to him: “I love you, Jesus.”
Love Jesus.
Then your mind may calm down again and very thoughtful again.

"Love Jesus.
Then you become whole again.

"So remember to love him.
God loves you in the name of Jesus Christ.
God helps you to love one another in the name of Jesus Christ.
God will empower you to have eternal life through Jesus the Christ.

Now here is one more thing.
Some of you are like John.
You are called to share God’s love like John.
You are called to tell the story of love of Jesus to people.

If that is your calling, I pray that you may be able to fulfill your calling.
Through your words and actions, may the love of Jesus be explained and experienced by all people.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for loving us.
Thank you for choosing the way of love.
We may understand very little about your love.
May we know that you love for us and care for us.
May we live in this conviction that we are loved and are called to love.
May you enables us to live according to your love.
In Jesus name, we pray.