John 10:22-30 (1)


Why do we call Jesus the Son of God and God?
Reading: John 10:22-30
Additional Reading: John 2:24, 5:17-18, 5:22, 6:38, 6:45-47, 8:42, 10:30, 11:27, 11:43-45, 14:1-3, 14:7-9, 18:33-37, 20:28, Matthew 8:26-27, 9:6, 16: 16-17; Titus 2:13, Isaiah 54:13
Blanks: Messiah, believe, one
Words: colonnade = A structure with columns placed at regular intervals.
K-Hymn: 394, 458

We say that Jesus is the Christ.
Or we say Jesus Christ or Jesus the Christ.
What does it mean?
Does it mean that his last name is Christ?
No, Christ is not his last name.

What does the Christ literally mean?
It means the one who is anointed with oil.

In ancient Israel, they had this culture of anointing people to set apart and appoint someone as a spiritual person.
Then God used this culture to appoint king, priest and prophet.
That is, when God chose someone as king, priest or prophet, God sent someone to anoint them with oil.

Now we called Jesus “the” Christ, Jesus the Anointed One, because God chose Jesus to be the King, Priest, Prophet, the Son of Man, the Son of God, the Savior, the Lord and our everything.

As you know when Jesus was on earth, Jesus needed to prove that he was the Christ.
But then when Jesus was proving that he was the Christ, he was also proving that he was the Son of God, because Jesus believe that the Christ is God.

Here is an example:
Jesus asked the Pharisees: (Matthew 22:41-44)
“What do you think about the Christ?
Whose son is he?”

The pharisees were like:
“That is easy.
The son of David.”

Then Jesus was like: (Psalm 110:1)
“How then does David call him ‘Lord’?
David said in the spirit:
‘The LORD said to my Lord the Messiah:
“Sit at My right hand, till I make your enemies your footstool?”’
So David called him Lord.
Then how can he be his son?”

They could not answer this because they didn’t believe that the Messiah was supposed to be God.
But as for Jesus, this was clear.
So when he was trying to prove that he is the Christ, Jesus tried to prove that he is 100% divine; that Jesus is one with God; and that he has the same nature of God.

If you talk with those who believe in Judaism or Islam, you may know that they don't believe that Jesus is God or the Son of God.
They don't think that God has the Son.
So they don't believe in Trinity like us:
Trinity means that we believe in one God in three persons.
Jesus introduces us this concept of Trinity, by talking about the ministry of Trinity.
For example, Jesus says:
When we baptize someone, we baptise them in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
And we worship and praise Father, Son and Holy Spirit who is one God.

But those who believe in Islam may be asking:
“We understand that Jesus is the Christ.
But we don’t understand how Jesus is the Son of God and how he is God.”

So let’s think about that:
In the time of Jesus, some Jewish people thought like those who believed in Islam today.
When Jesus was living in Israel, some Jewish religious people expected that God could become a human.
Moreover, they didn’t think that the Christ had to be God.
In fact, they learned that if someone claimed to be god, they must kill that person in order to serve God and honor God.

So Jesus had a problem.
If Jesus says “I am God,” they would stone him or kill him: Luke 22:70-71
They would say:
“Jesus, you eat and sleep like us.
You are a human.
So we have to kill you.”

So for the first disciples, you can see that it was difficult to call Jesus the Son of God.
But they understood that Jesus is the Son of God and therefore God.
And we still say that Jesus the Christ is God.
But how much do we understand what we are saying?

The prophet Isaiah said something like this before Jesus was even born and had a human body:
He said that God said: Isaiah 54:13
“The Lord will teach all your children.
So your children will have great peace.”

So in order to teach people, God became a human.
That is what Emmanuel means: God is with us: Isaiah 7:14
God promised that God would dwell among us.

People didn't expect that this would happen literally.
But God meant literally.
God promised that God would teach people.
So God became the Christ to teach people.

But then Jesus had to explain to his students that Jesus the Christ is God.
You know at first, people didn’t understand this.
So, Jesus might have been wondering:
“How can I explain that I am God?
How can I explain that it is written in the Bible?
How can I explain that the Christ needs to be God?
How can I approve that to my students?
How can I help them understand?
Will they ever accept me as God?”

So Jesus started to explain to his students like this.
In the beginning, Jesus was like:
“I came from heaven.” (John 6:38)

Then Jesus said:
“I came from God.” (John 8:42)

Then Jesus started to call God, daddy.
In those days no one called God, daddy.

But Jesus said something like this: (John 14:7-9, John 10:30)
“I am doing what God is doing.
I am saying what God is saying.
If you have seen me, you have seen my Daddy.
If you know me, you know my Daddy.
Because I and my Daddy are one and doing the same thing. (John 14:7)
So those who have been listening to God, will listen to me as well.
Because I am saying the same things.”

Jesus is proving that that he has the same character of God.
Jesus is proving that he has the same ability of God and does the same thing that God does: (John 5:17-18)

As a proof, Jesus also performed many miracles.
For example, he turned water into wine.
He walked on water.
Jesus healed people even when they were far away from him.
Jesus calmed the storm by commanding it: (Matthew 8:26-27)
He fed 5 thousand people with 5 bread and 2 fish.
Jesus raise the dead.

Like this, Jesus was showing God’s power and authority.
And Jesus was saying:
“I am doing these because I am the Son of God.
I am doing exactly what what God wants because I am God.”

Jesus also knew about people.
Jesus even knew what they were thinking. (John 2:24)
So, he didn’t ask any question to get to know them.
He just knew them.

For example, when Jesus met Simon Peter for the first time, Jesus knew his name, his calling in life and that Peter would be a leader of his movement.

When Jesus met Zacchaeus for the first time, Jesus also knew his name, his job, and his spiritual condition.
Jesus knew that Zacchaeus would welcome him into his house.
Jesus knew that Zacchaeus would repent and live a new life.
Jesus knew all these.

Jesus also said like this: (John 5:22, John 6:45-47, Matthew 9:6)
“God has given me the power to judge the world.
Because I became a human, I am given the power over human lives.
With that power I forgive your sins.
I give you a new and eternal life.”
Jesus can give us this new life, because he is the living God.

His students also started to believe that Jesus is the Son of God.
For example, Simon Peter said to Jesus:
“You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”
Then Jesus responded like this: (Matthew 16: 16-17)
My Father has revealed this to you!”

Martha also said to Jesus:
“I believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God.” (John 11:27)
Then Jesus said to her something like this: (John 11:43-45)
“I am the resurrection and the life.
I have all the authority over human lives.”
Then, as a proof, Jesus raised her dead brother, Lazarus, from the death.

Then Jesus also proved that he has power over his life and death through his resurrection

Then after his resurrection, as you know, Thomas also said to Jesus:
“My Lord and my God!” (John 20:28)

Paul also said that Jesus is the great God and Savior. (Titus 2:13)
Like this following Jesus, his students understood that Jesus the Christ is God.
And Jesus the Son of God accomplished salvation for all people.
Only God can do something so powerful to free all people from sin.
Jesus shows us that only God can save all people like that.
And that is what we believe.

But here is another problem.
Jesus asked us to follow him.

Some of us may ask:
Jesus is the perfect God.
How can we follow that perfect God?
Isn't it too much to ask?
How can we do what God does?
How can we live like God?”

That is why Jesus sends us the Holy Spirit, God’s own Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is God.

When we welcome the Holy Spirit, we receive God.
Then the Holy Spirit can live among us and live within us.
Then this Holy Spirit can do what God wants through us.
The Holy Spirit can put God’s thoughts into our minds and hearts.
Then we can believe that Jesus is God.
Then we know that we are God’s people: Jeremiah 31:33
Our spirits know that we are God’s children.
Our spirits call God, Daddy or Mommy like Jesus.

In order to know this and live a life of God, we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
Then God the Holy Spirit can help us to follow God.

This is why Jesus gives the Holy Spirit to live within us.
Then because the Holy Spirit lives within us, we become like God.
We become more and more like God.
We become more patient, more loving, more gentle, and more kind like God.
When the Holy Spirit is working through us like this, we follow Jesus.

Jesus wants to introduce this kind of new life in us.
This kind of life is possible through the ministry of Trinity.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us believe and know who you are.
May we understand that you are God.
May the Holy Spirit help us to live a life of God.
In your name, we pray.