John 21:1-14 (2)


Do what Jesus asks us to do
Reading: John 21:1-14
Additional reading: Luke 8:11-15
K-hymn: 442

Today we have read one incident after Jesus was resurrected.
And we are going to think about one more time about what Jesus was like after raised from the dead.

When Jesus was resurrected, he was funny.
He was visible and invisible.
He appeared and then disappeared.
He could walk through the wall and the door to enter a room.

Jesus seemed having fun.
Jesus seemed very happy to show his resurrected body to his disciples like this.
Jesus was showing that he had more power to use freely.

So his students were learning that Jesus could be everywhere.
People may not see him.
People may not recognize him even as they see him.
But he could hear their words.
He knew everything even when he was not there with them.

Why does Jesus show his students that he could live like this?

Jesus was showing this because one day they would also have this kind of body.
One day, they will also have their resurrected body.
Then they may be able to do what Jesus was doing.
So at this time, Jesus was enjoying what they could enjoy later.
Jesus wanted them to watch the life of Jesus and follow him.

But his students didn’t understand it right away.
They were like:
“Jesus was resurrected.
And he is not with us all the time like before.
What are we supposed to do?”

They might have worried about what to do with their lives.
How should they live from now on?
They didn’t understand it.
Yes, Jesus was resurrected.
But what does it mean to their lives?

Then the former fishermen got together and went for fishing.
Their hometown people might have heard that they followed Jesus.
But now they came home and went for fishing.

But they couldn’t catch any fish.
They had done everything they knew.
They might have wanted to catch fishes to feed other disciples.
But they caught nothing.

Then, early in the morning, Jesus appeared on the shore.
Jesus came to say that they had other important things to do.

But first, Jesus called them out and said:
"Hey, friends, have you got any fish?"

Not knowing who he was, they simply answered:

Then, Jesus told them:
"Throw your net on the right side of the boat.
Then you will find some."

Without knowing why this man wanted to help, they let down their net on the right side.
Then they caught so many fish.

Then one student intuitively knew what just happened.
This person experienced Jesus before.
So he said:
“He is Jesus!”

This person understood the way Jesus worked.
Jesus is always like this:
When he gives his word, then it becomes true.
Jesus gives his word, his promise.
When people obey, they see the power of his word.
They see that in the words of Jesus, there is power.
Through the power of his words, people know that Jesus is the Christ and God.

When they came, they saw Jesus prepared a nice breakfast for them.
Jesus was like:
"Come and have breakfast.
Bring some of your fish, too."
Then they were having a good time.

Here Jesus didn’t scorn them for going back for fishing.
Jesus understood that they might go back fishing.
So Jesus very gently helped them catch fish.
Then in a gentle way Jesus was saying that they didn’t need to catch fish anymore.
Then Jesus showed them that they needed to teach people about him.

Jesus wanted his students to do what they learned from him.
That is their calling:
God would use them!
Then the world would know who God is and what God is like.

Before they do this ministry, they needed to receive the Holy Spirit.
Then they would have a greater power.
With this higher power, they would do greater things.
They would go back to preach about Jesus.
They would share what Jesus had shared with them.
They would help people to see God’s possibility in their lives.
They would catch people for God.

So today Jesus came to remind them of their calling.
Jesus appeared to guide them back to do the ministry of Jesus.

I believe that even today, when we were busy with other things, Jesus may come and show us what is important.
Jesus guides us back to do the ministry of Jesus.

Today Jesus gently guided the disciples to understand their calling.
Jesus forgave them even though they deserted him before the cross.
Then Jesus even helped them to catch “fish.”

Jesus may help us to catch “fish.”
Our fish may be making a lot of money.
Our fish may be making a better future for my family.
We may try to do what we know how to do.
We may try to do what we have done before.

But sometimes we may find that we cannot even catch fishes.
Sometimes, we may find that we cannot succeed in what we have done before.

Even then Jesus may come gently to help us, because he loves us.
After we have done everything we know, Jesus may come gently and help us so that we may understand that we are called to do what Jesus is doing.
Jesus may gently remind us that we have a greater calling.
Very gentle Jesus may be saying:
“Do what I teach you to do.”

Have Jesus appeared to you like this?

This is how Jesus may appear in our life.
Jesus may help us to understand our calling.
Jesus helps us to understand how God would use us.
Jesus may help us to do what we have learned from him.
Jesus may help us receive the power of Holy Spirit so that we may do what he did.
Jesus may gently guide us to follow him again.
Then we may be able to help people.
Then everyone will be grateful for what Jesus has done and is doing.

I know a Christian community that threw away every record after a year.
Then they start a year thinking that they are starting anew.
This is how they understand in terms of following Jesus.

We may also forget about our past.
We may need to wait again for Jesus to lead us anew.
We may study about what Jesus is teaching us today anew.
What does God want us to do today?

Jesus may be asking us to do something for our community.
What do you think that Jesus asks us to do for our community?
What is Jesus saying to us today?
What is the Holy Spirit speaking to us today?
What does Jesus teach us to do?
What does Jesus want us to do?

I am sure that you are asking Jesus about this and hearing from Jesus.
Yes, we want to ask Jesus to guide us so that we may also serve our community.

If we don’t know yet, we may need to read the Bible daily and pray daily.
Then we may know what kind of an act of mercy that we need to do.
Then when we do what Jesus is teaching us to do, we may see the good result.

In our life, we learn daily what Jesus says is really true.
We learn the trueness of his teaching in various levels.
For example, Jesus says:
“Don't worry.
Don't worry about anything.”

Jesus may say these words over and over to many people in this world.
Jesus says this, because Jesus really meant it.

Why didn’t Jesus want us stop worrying?
Because Jesus can work more freely if we don't worry.
If we don't worry, Jesus can make things easier for us.
Then it becomes easier for Jesus to help us to live like him.
So when we obey this, we may be able to see the good results.
Then we learn what Jesus can do in our life.

Then Jesus may even say to us:
Now you are ready.
Go and share my story and my teachings.”

Then we may be able to live our life doing exactly what Jesus wants us to do, not more, not less.
That is my prayer.

Let us pray:
Jesus, help us to trust in you and follow you.
Help us to listen to you and obey.
May we be able to live your life today.
In your name, we pray.

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