Matthew 10:1-15

Healing in the presence of Jesus!
Reading: Matthew 10:1-15
Additional readings: Luke 5:17-26, Luke 7:1-17, Luke 13:10-13, John 11:38-44, John 14:11-15, Matthew 11:2-5, Matthew 21:19-22, Mark 5:39-42, Mark 8:22-27, Mark 9:17-29, Mark 16:17-18, Acts 9:39-40, Acts 20:9-10 or 2 Kings 5: 1-14 (Naaman Healed of Leprosy)

Have you ever prayed for a healing?
Have you ever tried to pray for a healing?

When we read the gospel, we see Jesus often asked his disciples to go and heal the sick.
In Matthew 10:1 we read:
“Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness.”

Jesus asks his disciples to heal other people in the power of God.
In Matthew 10:8, Jesus said to them sending them off two by two:
“Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons.”
Were they able to do that?

They believe that Jesus can heal people through them.
Then even after Jesus was ascended to heaven, after they received the Holy Spirit, they continue healing the sick.
They were continually doing what Jesus asked:
So we read: Acts 5:16
“Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing their sick and those tormented by impure spirits, and all of them were healed.”

Does Jesus still ask us to use this power to heal the sick in the name of Jesus?
Then how should we use that power as a church?
How as a church may we use the power to heal the sick?
How are we going to use this power that God has given us?

Let’s think about some practical steps.
Let's think about some basic principles for healing ministry.

When Jesus healed people, Jesus sometimes asked them if they wanted to be healed.
If they wanted to be healed, Jesus healed them.
So the first thing that we may need to know before we pray for healing is:
Do they want to be healed?
Do we want to be healed?
Then we may be free from illness.

Secondly, Jesus says: Matthew 10:8
“Freely you have received; freely give."

Jesus gave this power freely.
So we receive this power freely.
So we give freely.
We do not ask any payment for using this power.
We do not ask people to honor us because we use this power.
We honor only God who has given this power to people.

When Apostle Paul was using this power to heal people, Christians knew that God healed people through Paul.
But some non-christians tried to honor Paul as if he were using his own power to heal the sick.
So Paul explained that he was only a human.
And they needed to honor only God whom Paul preached and through whose power he healed the sick.
Paul guided them to honor only Jesus the Christ.
In this way, Paul used this power humbly and freely.
He was not misguided and ended up honoring himself.
He didn’t feel superior because he used this power.

When we use this power, we also need to know that is not the sign of our salvation.
Remember what Jesus said.
Jesus said something like this:
In the day of judgement, some would say to Jesus:
“We have prophesied in your name.
We have worked miracles in your name.
We cast out demons in your name.”

But Jesus would say:
“Away from me, you evildoers.
I never knew you.”

Jesus also warned us that in the last day there will be many people who perform miracles and deceive many.

So I assume that some people may use this kind of power with a wrong belief.
I assume that some people may use this kind of power without knowing who God is.

So then we may be able to say:
Some may use this kind of power.
But that does not mean they are saved.
We need to use this power according to God's will.

That means, listening to Jesus is more important.
Obeying Jesus is more important.
Learning to live according to his will is more important.
Then we may use this power, according to his will.
Then we may live in the same faith of Jesus the Christ.
We may share the same message that Jesus shares.
We may do what Jesus wants us to do.
We may experience his presence.

When we read the Bible, the church is asked to pray for healing in the name of Jesus.
In James 5: 14 we read something like this:
“Is anyone among you sick?
Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them in the name of the Lord.”

This was a practice of that particular church.
In this way, I am sure they overcame illnesses.

Those who follow Jesus pray for healing.
Then God works through them.
Jesus gave this power to the church.

We may also use this power for evangelism like his disciples.
We remember that when Jesus asked his student to go and evangelize, he asked them to heal the sick and share the gospel.
In Luke 9:2 we read:
“Jesus sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.”
So we may use this power for our neighbors as well.
This will help people to believe in God who loves them and cares for them.

Nowadays we also need to think about healing of mental illness.
Do we believe that Jesus can heal mental illness?
Does Jesus only heal physical illness?

Jesus heals those who have a depression, paranoid, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.
Jesus can heal people to have a good intellectual ability, a social togetherness, a good speech and behavior, a balanced emotional expression, a good common sense, and live a balanced life.

We also know that some Christians may have a mental illness.
When that happens, either they need to learn to cope with or they need to be free from these illnesses.
We may need to pray that God’s Spirit may work among them.
We may need to pray that Jesus may heal their mental illness.

We also know people who may have an anger disorder or other emotional disorder.
Jesus can help them to handle these emotions as well.
So we may pray so that people may learn to handle their emotions in Jesus.
Because Jesus can help any heart to find rest and peace in him alone.

What about Han?
Koreans have talked about this symptoms of Han.
Especially Korean women talk about this symptoms of Han.
It's not just self-pity.
It kind of a anger plus other problem?
Is it something deeper than that?
But do we believe that Jesus can heal this symptoms of Han?
We may pray so that they may be healed and also live a less stressful life and live in peace.

Each ethnic group may have their own problems.
Do we believe that Jesus can heal each ethnic group and their own illness?
Do we believe that Jesus can heal them all?

Jesus can heal their souls.
Jesus can free them from old hurts and painful memories.
Jesus can heal our hearts.
Jesus can set us free in love to follow the way of Jesus.
Jesus can heal all people.

Now let's think about corporate faith.
It seems in a certain degree Jesus needs people to respond to his faith.
For example, in some places, Jesus didn’t do many miracles because of their lack of faith. (Matthew 13:58)
In some village, they collectively didn’t believe in God.
They were talking with each other reducing their faith.
They were influencing each other and didn’t expect healings.
So, Jesus left them.

If they asked Jesus to forgive their unbelief, Jesus could have healed their unbelief.
If they asked Jesus to increase their faith, Jesus might have helped them.

What about our society, our town?
We are living among anxious and insecure people.
We don't know what these insecure and anxious people would do.
If we become like them, we may have more stress.

Then what would happen if we have the faith of Jesus?
What would happen if we become less anxious, or not worry at all?
What would happen if we have faith and become thoughtful?
What would happen if we relax in God’s power?
We may create a place where people can be healed.
We may experience the presence of God.
We may create a place where people experience the presence of God.

In the presence of God people are healed.
Then we may not even have to pray for healing.
People will be healed.
If we have this peaceful faith in Jesus, then our people may also learn to have faith and be free from illness.
How can we become like that?

Well, we may learn listen to Jesus who says "Don't worry at all."
We may learn to reduce stress.
We read the gospel, so that God build up a great faith within our souls.
We learn to pray.

Or we may even pray to have greater faith than the Centurion whose servant Jesus healed.
Remember that story?
Jesus didn’t even see his servant, because the centurion believed that Jesus didn't even need to see his servant to heal.
The centurion believe that if Jesus speaks a word, his servant would be healed.
He understood what Jesus says is going to happen.
He seems to understand Jesus is the Son of God who created heaven and earth.
So the Centurion only wanted to know what Jesus would say about his servant.

Jesus said to the centurion:
Let it be done according to your faith."
Then his servant was healed at that moment. (Matthew 8:13)

We pray to have greater faith than this.
How can we have faith?
What is faith?
Faith believes whatever Jesus says will happen.
Faith encourages us to believe what Jesus says.
So the first step for us to have faith is to listen to what Jesus says.

That means, before we pray and heal the sick, we may pray first so that we may know what Jesus is thinking.
Sometimes God may ask us to do something that will bring healing.
Sometimes God may say “go to doctor.”
Sometimes God may say "exercise."
Or Jesus may say:
Otherwise God would not forgive you.”
Then when this person forgives someone, this person may receive healing.

So knowing God's will, discerning God’s will we may be healed.
Being able to understand God’s perspective, we may have a greater comfort and healing.

So we need to know God’s thoughts before we pray for healing.
We pray to hear from God first.
Then we pray according to God's will.

Then we may hear Jesus promises that he would heal that person.
Then we know that that person is healed.
We thank God and feel peaceful for them.
We know what God says will happen.

When the church believes and has this atmosphere of corporate faith, Jesus may simply say:
“Let it be done according to your faith.”
Then the church may provide a very safe atmosphere where people could be restored and be whole physically and mentally.
They they may find out how much God cares for them and heals them when they arrive in heaven.
Jesus can also heal a nation.
Jesus can bless a nation.
Jesus can unite all nations, even when they are unaware of it.
Jesus can heal the secret wound of every nation so that people may be able to show a heartfelt compassion toward each other and toward others.

In that faith, we pray for nations.
We may pray for our city.
We ask God to let us know what God wants to do in this city.
Then we pray accordingly.

Today we want to pray for healing.
It can be a spiritual practice.
If you want to pray for healing for someone or for yourself, or for this nation, why don’t we pray together in silence at this time?

Let's come to God asking for healing.
But first ask God about how we should pray for that person, or ourselves, or a nation or town.
Then we may pray accordingly.
Let's have a time of prayer.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, you want to heal us and give us salvation.
Touch and heal our bodies.
Heal every sickness.
Make us whole again.
Heal our minds, and fill them with your words.
Give us patience, courage, and faith.
Enter into our lives and heal our hearts and minds.
We entrust to you our families and friends, all who have asked for our prayers and who pray for us.
In you may all be turned to light and made whole:
In Jesus name we pray.