Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 (2)


Reading: Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23
Props: Mustard Seeds, water, and some rich soil

What is this?
Can you see?
Yes, these are seeds.
These are mustard seeds.
Do you know what seeds are?
We can eat them.
Or we can also plant these seeds under the ground.
Then they will grow and become a tree.

So if we plant these seeds on the ground, we may have a mustard tree that produce many fruits, many mustard.

Now let’s see.
Where can I plant these seeds?
Can I plant these seeds right here?
(Place some seeds on the floor)
I can give some waters to it.
(Spray some water)
Now will these seeds grow?
No, why not?
Right, because this floor is too hard.
This floor would not allow these seeds to put down its roots and grow.
So, I cannot plant seeds here.

Now let’s see:
Then where can I plant these seeds?
What if I plant this seed here?

We have good soil here.
So, I can dig a hole.
And I can bury these seeds under the soil.
Then I can add some waters.

Then what do you think?
Will these seeds grow?
Right, these seeds may grow because the soil is not too hard for them.
They can put down their roots and grow.

Have you heard about Jesus?
Jesus says his words are like these seeds.
Jesus spreads God’s words everywhere he goes.

But if our hearts are like this floor, nothing may grow.
Even if we listen to Jesus, nothing may grow.

But if our hearts are like good soil, his words will grow within us.
The words of Jesus will grow in our heart and our mind.
that is soft and gentle and kind.
Then we can understand Jesus.
Then we may experience Jesus and hear his good thought.
We may become like Jesus who is gentle, kind and good.
Then Jesus can do many things through us.

Then, we may be able to help people like Jesus.
Then we think good thoughts.
We may be able to bless people like Jesus.
We may love other people more.
We may love granny more.
We may love ourselves more.
We may forgive people.
We may also receive the words of Jesus and speak for other people.
Then things will happen according to God’s good plan.
Then Jesus will be very happy.

So we also want to ask Jesus to make our hearts soft so that we may be ready to receive his words.
We want to ask Jesus to make our hearts gentle, kind and good so that his words will grow and make our world beautiful.

When Jesus makes all of our hearts soft, gentle and kind, Jesus can really plant his good words and one day, we will see many fruits in our life.
So let’s ask Jesus to make our hearts soft and good so that his words may grow in us.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, please make our hearts soft and good and ready to receive your good words so that your good words may grow within us and produce wonderful fruits.
Help us to grow according to your words.
We pray this in Jesus’ name.